How To Win Great People Skills And Lose Bad Habits

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Have you ever noticed that you make the very same mistakes again and again when dealing with people?

I like to refer to this as... the futility of repeating what does not work! And we all fall into this trap to some degree. We become so used to not being able to do something that we think it cannot be done.

Let´s say you find it difficult to start conversations with complete strangers. You tried before and you didn´t do very well. And because you failed a few times you start to dread such encounters, avoid them and even find ways to ensure you rarely have to deal with these types of situations.

What are the consequences of this approach?

It´s obvious really -- you will get worse and worse at meeting new people because you rarely allow it to happen and because you never get the opportunity to work at it and improve.

This is a sure fire recipe for stagnation with no hope for improvement and personal growth. It´s time to shake things up a little and find new and even fun ways to stop repeating the same old mistakes.

Here is one tip for learning new ways of dealing with people -- find someone who seems to have a natural flair for creating rapport with people and follow that person around to observe him or her in action.

Listen to what I did...

I was hanging out with my buddy Craig - in the shopping mall one hot summer Saturday afternoon. It was scorching hot outside so we were enjoying the cool of the mall while we wandered aimlessly from store to store.

Then it hit me!

Craig´s experience of shopping was completely different to mine. Every opportunity he got he was joking with the staff, having fun with anyone he met and laughing and smiling his way around the mall.

This was alien to me at the time. I usually crept about the stores, keeping to myself and carefully avoiding eye contact with other shoppers and store assistants. I used to keep human interaction to a bare minimum.

Craig was living proof that communication skills can be mastered. And I had not even realized until that point that it was even possible to get so good.

No wonder I had been having trouble dealing with people. I was actively avoiding people because I did not know what to say or even how to say it.

From that point on my sense of possibility expanded and all I needed to figure out was how to easily and effortlessly change my behavior.

Thankfully, you can change your life and now is the best time to start. Find a proven formula and follow it.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will progress. Although some people fear otherwise, people skills can be learned by anyone of at least average intelligence.

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