How To Talk So Employers Will Listen!

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Social Media. There are many different views on social media. Some people see no value in social media. Others, have built multi-billion dollar companies through the power of social media. So what is it? How can it affect, positively or negatively, the job search process?

Social media specifically LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will be a determining factor on you being hired. Don't believe it? According to an article in INC. Magazine August 2013, 68% of all Hiring Managers use social media for due diligence for negative feedback on a candidate, and how they may have direct and immediate impact on their position and company. The key is to create the ultimate WOW factor with your social media accounts.

Sphere of Influence. Are people naturally attracted to you? To what you say? To the tweets, posts, or items you present? Are you offering people value, advice, feedback, and solutions? Your sphere of influence says a great deal about you, your ability to network, and how people respond to what you say. This will tell a company that the message they want you to convey, will it be heard by those you say it to? Will that message have an effect? It is not a popularity contest as much as people engaging with you.

Creativity. How creative are you to friends, family members, and the community? Do you offer solutions in tax advice, technical support, writing, marketing, sales, and relationships? Do you send people to a site or your blog for further solutions? Does it receive a lot of traffic? Is your writing engaging where people are commenting? Retweeting? No matter the position you are applying for, creativity and solutions are a driving force. Employers want to see it.

Consistent Behavior. Do you actively and daily engage in your accounts? When you do, do you share items of value? Employers evaluate your habits of usage and quality as they will evaluate how you perceive your work. If you never engage in your social media accounts or provide anything of value, they will see this as a direct correlation to how you will engage your work on a daily basis.

You have the ability to WOW a potential employer with your social media activity. You can showcase a side of yourself that cannot and will not be seen on your resume. It will show your perspective employer a side of you in your natural surroundings. Of course, this could be negative. However, steering clear of those behaviors it could separate you from the next applicant. Social media is more than pics, fantasy football, and recipes. It is a way to get that job and get hired today!

One last thing, about social media. Your Facebook contacts and Twitter friends are the ultimate reference on your resume! Instead of the cheesy references often offered to employers, you can showcase people of name, brand, and influence on social media that you have had contact with. That you have solved a problem. That you have given advice to. This is the best non-biased reference anyone can offer on their resume. If you review your accounts and how you use them you will easily see the power of social media and the impact it can have on the hiring process. Go give value in your accounts today! You will be evaluated, use it to your advantage!

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