How To Succeed By Creating A Positive Change In Your Life

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There are many different steps that are necessary to succeed by creating a positive change in your life. Our "present" is generally fueled by one of two things. This is, we either hang on to the past in a relentless manner, or we look ahead to our future. While it is good to look to the past, as well as to the future, we should make every effort to do so in a positive and constructive manner. Reflection and anticipation are only successful for us when we are:

"Taking the wisdom of the past, applying it to our present, in an effort to create a successful and productive future" - Angie Shiflett

In this guide, you will be introduced to how to succeed in creating a positive change in your life. You will learn how to see the past as a wonderful collection of wisdom, apply that wisdom in the "now", and create your own masterpiece for the future. If you have accepted that a change needs to be made, and you are ready to start enforcing that change in your life, you should continue reading. If you have not accepted that a change needs to be made, and you are ready to go... well, nowhere. You should stop reading right here and come to terms with the fact that stagnation is nothing more than a breeding pit for failure.


In order to be successful when it comes to creating a change in our lives, it is imperative to have a desire to change. I mean, you have to have a true desire. If you are changing because you think it will make someone else approve of you more, or like you more, you need to skip back up to that "stagnation" spill. You can never really CHANGE unless YOU want the change, and have a true desire for it. It is a known fact that if the thought of change is more personal and meaningful to you, you are quite likely to be more persistent in pursuing it. It is also important to ensure that you consider the "pros and cons" of the change that you want to make in your life before setting out on the journey to achieve it.


Now, as you focus on the change that you want to achieve in your life, you must consider your capacity to achieve the change. In other words, is the change that you want to achieve within reason? If it is not within reason, you may find yourself engulfed with complete and utter disappointment. Knowing and understanding that there is a certain level of "reality" that must be faced when it comes to change. We all love those visually appealing types of changes that make us feel all dreamy and gung ho, but the truth is, there are some changes that are realistic and some that will only result in continuous disappointment because of the fact that they are not within our capacity.

Positive Thinking

Yes, I am going to tell you that the power of positive thinking will make you successful when it comes to creating a change in your life. I know, I know... you have heard it all before. Well, don't you think there is some level of validity to this piece of advice if it is so "universal"? Seriously, you have to keep your thoughts straight when it comes to bringing about change. How can you make a change and actually believe in it if you are always thinking that you can't? Did you ever stop and consider if you are thinking that you can't that you are the only person holding you back from all that you can experience in life? If not, you need to consider this. Remain positive, and you are likely to be quite successful!

Patience and Support

Patience and support are two of the main essentials when it comes to succeeding with change in your life. First, you must learn to develop a little patience for the change to occur. We all hear "change doesn't happen overnight". I am not sure how much truth there actually is in that statement, because I do believe that change can happen overnight. It may not be the large goal that you have your sights set on, but just the choice to make a change is a change - what did that take you, all of five minutes if that? The secret is being patient when it comes to the final results. Let's think about it... very few "masterpieces" were created in a day's time. Aren't you a masterpiece? Of course! We ALL are! Take your time and get the lines, the contours, and the colors right. You will be very glad that you did!

Support is another important element when it comes to creating a change in your life. There are many different types of support that you can experience when trying to make a change. The secret is to "think outside the box". Let's see, friends and family members are excellent support systems. Motivational books and DVD's like those by Joyce Meyer, Jim Rohn, and John C. Maxwell are considered a form of support. Professional counseling and coaching sources are great too! Indulge in one, indulge in all! You take up as much support as you can. Remember, the team that has the most players is often the team that takes the lead in any major competition. Great a team - a team that will allow you to win when creating a change in your life!

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