How To Control Anger

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What is anger?

An emotion which is commonly expressed in situation of irritating, unpleasant, frustrating. Anger can be notice from our body language, facial expressions, increase heart beat, and over aggression. We can say that a strong feeling of displeasure, opposes or hurts one

Anger can't be removed from our body because if there is an emotional feeling in your heart towards your love ones then you will get angry. But angriness can be control by you only. When we get angry our heart beat increase, our mind get confused, little bit reddish face, loss control on you, that type of person can do any things.

Causes of anger:

• Frustration
• Hurt
• Annoyance
• Disappointment
• Harassment
• Threats

Symptoms of anger:

• Explosive mind with destructive or attacking property
• Fast and wrong decision made you and others harms
• From your body language such as tense muscles, clenched fist of jaw, red face, and glaring look.
• Always refusing to do ant work.
• Verbally use of abuse words.

Now how can you control your angry anytime? Here are some basic tips for controlling anger:

• First things is every entered into the things which make you angry and frustrated. Because if didn't entered in it you never get angry.

• Second things if you entered in it and you are noticing that your body language is changed then there is best way to stop your anger start counting with in a second your angry is over and you behave like a normal person.

• Third things when we get angry our face become reddish, increase in temperature and rapid increase in heart beat. Your whole body is a bomb it can blast any time so it make your body cool take bath with cold water and drink cold water. It makes your body and mind cool.

• Fourth things if you getting angry in any topic and ready to fight then there is best way to make your mind cool and fresh do yoga. Best yoga for making you calm is breathing yoga. Take a sitting position and close your eyes and start yoga take breath in and hold for second and then take it out slowly. Repeat it again and again do daily morning and evening for 30 minutes. I can surely say you that you will feel fresh and can Control Anger.

Now I am telling you some basic types emotional felling of anger like fear, hurt, guilt, frustration, jealously, loneliness and helplessness this all things feel you like anger.

• Fear - When you are afraid of something it make you feel or act angry. For ex- if you have a fear that your girlfriend will leave you. It makes you aggressive or mad.

• Hurt - Feeling of hurt can remove your attention from the other? These hurts can make you response with anger. This feeling comes when someone break your hurts.

• Guilt - Sometime it happen when you are guilty and trying to same yourself you frustrate on other. This guilty makes you Anger.

• Frustration - When you feel helpless or powerless it may makes you frustrated. And this frustration is changed into anger.

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