How Is The Mirror Of Life Treating You?

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What you see in the world and much of how others interact with you is a based on what is within you. The world you live in is a mirror, reflecting to you what you feel and project.

This can be hard to face, as we don't want to think that we are anything like all that we see in the world. This is not to say that you are alone responsible for everything going on in the world. However, you bring into your personal world most of what you see and experience by what you perceive and believe.

If you are annoyed and frustrated with drivers on the road, you will find many feel the same about you. Someone who feels irritated with a crowd of people will not see many friendly faces looking back. While, also, if you are considerate and polite, you will experience much of the same.

Your attitude governs how you see the world and how you interact with it.

Sure, There are many things going on in the world that are unpleasant, but if you bring the thinking into your thoughts, you are bringing it closer to your life.

Haven't you noticed that the people that appear happy are the easiest to approach and talk with than those that seem grumpy? Are you the happy one or the grump?

We tend to think that it is up to the world to provide us with what we want, where the opposite is actually true. It is our responsibility how we feel, think and act, which can effect how others interact with us.

If your thoughts throughout the day are mostly on anger, anxiety, distrust, fear, aggression, superiority, and you are looking to one-up everyone, when can you fit in the happiness you want?

Two things are going on:

1) Your mind is listening to what you feel and say all day and responds to them as a command for more. If your mind is engrossed in some form of negative thought all day, when exactly where any happy thoughts going to fit in.

2) The people you interact with are reading you, your body language, your vocal intonations, your behavior. You exude how you feel and the attitude you hold. People will then react, usually in kind. You will get back from them what you project. We all know that we are 'reading' other people all the time. What we feel they are exuding, effects how we behave around them. How do you want people to behave you around you? How do you want people to treat you?

You are trapping yourself with your own thoughts and behavior. In order to have a different life experience you need to choose to project to yourself and the world more of what you do want. Your thought space is fully consumed with whatever thoughts you are involved with all day. You need to make room for better thoughts if you are going to have them. Thoughts of joy don't happen along with thoughts of anxiety, it must be either or.

Now you might be saying to yourself about now, "what about everybody else?" They should treat me better, and then I will be nicer to them. Well, most people feel the same way, all waiting for someone else to start it, to be nice first. Guess what, this method is not working and if you continue to wait for it to, better not hold your breath.

The only way for you to experience a more positive, happy, joyous, loving life is to start with yourself. You be the one to instigate better attitude for others to respond to. Guess who responds to it first, yea, you do. Your own mind will act in kind with whatever attitude you project, why not make it what you want?

Make an effort to seize command of your perceptions, your attitude, your thinking and your actions so that you can project to the world what you want back from it. Only you can choose what object to place in front of the ever-present world mirror in order to get the reflections you desire.

The mirror doesn't lie; it reflects what it sees. Choose to become more of what you want. If you are hoping for a happy experience in life, be happy and seek happiness. Express happiness in all that you do and in all personal interactions. Choose to look for it everywhere.

Grow out of your old thought habits when you notice they no longer support what you want for your life. Personal development and growth may not be the easy way out but you will like, appreciate and admire yourself more for working at it.

Stand in front of the mirror, be the image you want reflected back. Others will follow, somebody has to start, will it be you?

"... at any moment in time what we see outside of us reflects our internal field of consciousness. As such it is a mirror for us. Looking in this mirror can be painful, but it is not nearly so painful as pretending that the mirror is not there." - - Paul Ferrini

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