Happiness and You

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The definition of happiness is very confusing. The concept of happiness differs from person to person. If you are satisfied with your life then you are a happy person. A satisfied person is a happy person. If you are not satisfied with your life then you will remain an unhappy person. I am giving below some tips that make a person happy and satisfied.

1. Satisfaction at job

The most important factor of satisfaction is the satisfaction at job. If you are satisfied with your job then you are a happy person. But most people I meet complain about their salaries, the bad attitude of their boss or the adverse working conditions. If you want to be happy then you must either start loving your job or quit your present job and search a better job that gives your inner satisfaction and happiness.

2. Money

In most cases money gives you the luxuries of life and the happiness associated with it. However, if other factors are missing then you will remain unhappy even if you have lot of money to spend. There is no dearth of rich but unhappy people in the world.

3. Health

The third most important factor of happiness is your health. A healthy person is a happy person. An unhealthy person cannot enjoy life. So take care of your health as much as possible and give special importance to food, exercise and rest.

4. Purpose of Living

What is the purpose of your life? Do you have some goals to reach and plans to follow? If there is no purpose of life then life becomes meaningless and boring. Write down your goals and follow through. Whatever progress you will make towards reaching your goals will give you satisfaction and happiness.

5. Family and Friends

Give top priority to your relationship with your family and friends as it is a great source of satisfaction and happiness. Keep a close and loving relationship with them.

6. Positive Outlook

Remain positive all the time and in all circumstances. Accept challenges as opportunities and hope for the best. Get rid of all the negativity from your life. Your positive outlook will bring happiness to your life.

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