Finish Your Unfinished Agenda

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Every year, in the month of December, I advise you to chalk out your success agenda for the coming year. I ask you to set goals and write down your success formula for the new year.

But this year, I am not going to ask you to write down your ambitious plan for the coming year. I am giving you a different advice this year! Don’t worry, what I will tell you would be in your best interest.

Any time during this cold month of December, when you have sufficient undisturbed free time, sit down on a sofa in a comfortably warm room. (For added warmth and stimulation you can take sips of hot coffee with roasted beans or dry fruit). Once you are fully relaxed, then start recollecting the past events.

Did you remember the promises you made to yourself in December last year? Did you promise to change your bad habits? Did you promise to stop smoking? Did you promise to learn a new language or skill? Did you promise to overcome your deficiencies? Did you promise to lose weight? Did you promise to make new friends? Did you promise to eat healthy food?

What was your burning desire last year? Did you want to work extra hours to pay off all your loans? Did you want to start a new business? Did you want to curtail your expenditure?

What was your dream last year? To climb Mount Everest or just to get promotion in your job. To buy a new car, a house or a diamond ring,

You need to sincerely examine what went wrong with your ambitious plan? Why you could not reach your goals? Why you were unable to achieve success? Analyze yourself critically and objectively. Do not blame others for your failures? Admit your mistakes with an open heart and pledge to take corrective measures. We all learn from our mistakes and, therefore, no sensible person repeats his/her mistakes.

Now is the time to make a new pledge that you will finish the unfinished agenda of the last year. You need to make a new commitment with you that you will do your best to make the new year a great year of success for you.

Yes, this is the only way you can achieve success . This year, I sincerely believe that there is no need to set a new agenda for success. Finish the unfinished agenda of the last year is the best advice I can give you! Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Best of luck.

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