Fear Or Not To Fear

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No matter how brave are you but the fact is that some kind of fear always keeps you on the toe. Some people face the fear bravely and try to diminish their fear as far as possible while others fell prey to the fear virus and thus make their own life miserable.

The density of the fear is most important. If your fear lasts for a brief period only then you are living a normal life. However, if you are living under constant pressure of fear then it’s quite alarming. This can result in panic attack, heart attack, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, headache, severe pain in the body, vomiting or even sudden death.

Fear can also be productive and a great motivational force within you. If you are in the business then the fear of getting out of business keeps you motivated to use your best abilities to remain profitable. If you are a student then the fear of failure in exams keeps you motivated to study hard. If you are an employee then the fear of losing your job keeps you motivated to work hard.

The non-productive type of fear develops in your mind out of your negative thoughts, ignorance, lack of knowledge and faith. This type of fear always bring misery and self-pity. Kill your non-productive fear with the arms of truth, reality, knowledge, faith and action.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Accept the challenges bravely and do every effort to turn the challenges into opportunities. There is nothing to fear if you are able to analyze the situation correctly. Whatever difficulty you face in life, there is always a way out. Your positive thinking can make it happen.

Write down on a piece of paper all the fears that haunt you. Now analyze each and every fear honestly. You will yourself realize that most of your fears are without any genuine basis. When you will realize that the fear is fake then the fear will automatically disappear from your mind giving no more trouble to you.

Most of your fears may be unjustified such as the fear of darkness, water, height, illness, losing friends, losing money, losing job, rejection, etc. You can overcome most of these fears just by changing your behavior and thinking. Build your internal courage and strength to deal with all types of fears.

Living a totally fear-free life may perhaps not be possible but keeping a good control over fear and anxiety is necessary. Don’t let the ugly ducklings of fear destroy your beautiful life.

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