Dealing With a Boring Life

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Have you got into the habit of describing your life as boring? Is your life tedious lacking in new experiences and filled with monotony? Have you had enough of saying 'I'm fed up and bored?' Do you want to deal with your boring life and instead have a life that is less boring?

Here are some things you can do to enjoy life much more and broaden your experiences so that it is no longer boring.

Go to new places

Get out and about more often and more widely. Visit places you have never been to before. These could be within your local environment, by discovering and travelling along a new route to work for example, or travelling the world to see places you have only read about or seen on television until now.

Meet more people

If the people you see regularly bore you then it's time to get out and meet new people. Take courage and talk to people you already know by sight but have never spoken to before. Perhaps there are some that you see each day as you go to work, try saying more than 'good morning' and engage them in conversation for a change.

Learn something

Find a class or a workshop which teaches you something completely different form whatever you already know, or learn more about a subject you already have little knowledge about. Whatever you choose make sure it's something you feel a sense of excitement about engaging in.

Laugh more often

Laughter will get rid of boredom very quickly. Find out what makes you laugh, whether it is watching films or plays or short clips on the internet. You might find comic books or amusing novels which have the same effect for you, or join a group which does an activity which in itself can be fun but involved people having a laugh as they do it.

Let go of the old

Boredom can come from 'sameness' and lack of change. So if you let go of the old,by clearing your cupboards of junk and throwing or giving away or selling what you no longer need or want.

Bring in the new

Stimulate your senses by changing the layout of your rooms, painting the walls in vibrant colours or whatever pleases you, investing in new gadgets or machines or the latest technology that appeals to you and then committing yourself to finding out how to use it.

All these things will enable you to be stimulated and have a less boring life.

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