Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

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No one seems to be fully satisfied with his or her life. Everyone wants to live a stress-free, tension-free and trouble-free life, full of joy and excitement. However, in spite of their best efforts most people remain unsatisfied with their lives. Even money or fortune is not of much help to them. There remains some kind of hollowness, vacuum or emptiness in their lives which keeps them unsatisfied.

A perfectly satisfied life is a beautiful triangle of love; love your job, love your family and love yourself. If the factor of love is missing from your life then there remains emptiness in your life, no matter whatever you do to satisfy yourself.

Your Job

Give top priority to your job because it not only provides you with a reasonable source of income but also gives you the kind of satisfaction which you cannot find anywhere else. A job well done is a great source of inner satisfaction and joy. It boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel as an important and useful member of the society. Love your job and devote as much time and effort to your job as possible. Your success at job is also very much related to your success in life. Give your employers a little more output than you are supposed to do. Getting the appreciation of your boss should be a matter of pride for you.

If you hate what you are doing then it’s better to leave your job as early as possible otherwise you will remain a failed, unsatisfied and unsuccessful person throughout your life. There is nothing more stressful and painful than doing what you hate to do.

Your Family

You cannot ignore the importance of your family. Your family is your most valuable asset in life because without the help and support of your family you will remain vulnerable to all kind of emotional threats, internal or external. Family plays a big role in making your life meaningful and successful. A loving and caring family is a great blessing. Your family always stands by you at the most difficult times of your life, particularly at times when you feel helpless and need someone to help you. Keep a good relationship with your family and share with them all aspects of your life.

Give respect to your parents and love to your spouse and children. Parents always love their children no matter how disrespectful they may be with them. Treat your spouse as your best friend and lover. Discuss all stressful matters with your spouse in a loving atmosphere. You can relieve stress and overcome all your problems with mutual consultation.

Make your home a paradise of love and peace. Enjoy your life by sharing jokes, listening to music, playing with children or reading books. Become the true friend of your spouse and children.


You are the most important person in this world. Please do justice to yourself and don’t neglect your needs. Take care of yourself more then anybody else. Take care of your body, mind and soul. Take care of your health. Take enough sleep and rest when you feel tired. Take care of your dress and looks. Take care of your behavior and habits. Spend some time alone daily in hobbies and activities that you like most. Also spend some early morning time in meditation and prayers to seek divine guidance.

The above mentioned triangle of love work wonders. It fills the vacuum of your life with joy, happiness, pleasure, adventure, success, satisfaction, prosperity and peace. You will, no doubt, be living such a wonderful life which is not known to many people of the world.

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