Agenda for Success - 2004

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The year 2004 is knocking at our door. Did you finalize your agenda for success for the year 2004? No, not yet! Wake up please! Take a paper and pencil and write down your success plan for 2004. Saying "Happy New Year" is not enough. Plan to make 2004 the happiest and the best year of your life. Good luck!

I give below my own personal agenda for your comments, suggestions, review or advice, if any:

- I will keep myself healthy and fit by involving more in indoor and outdoor physical activities

- I will always keep myself in high spirits, confident, motivated, enthusiastic and wearing a winning smile all the time

- I will better organize myself, my work place and my personal and family life being in full control of myself and my destiny

- I will take the challenges of my life as new opportunities not to be missed or worried about

- I will get rid of all the negative thoughts by quickly replacing them with positive, productive, friendly and constructive thinking

- I will keep on motivating people and helping them in achieving the kind of success they are dreaming of!

- I will keep on working to make this world a better place to live for all human beings irrespective of their color, culture, religion or belief

- I will be more helpful to my family, friends, neighbors and community; and to the people in need

- I will keep on working hard to give the visitors of this website the best material available on self improvement and also keep on writing articles by myself

About the Author:

Hifzur Rehman is the author of popular articles on self improvement. His website is a great source of motivation for all those people who want to live a healthy, happy and joyous successful life.

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