A Dream With A Time Limit

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"A goal is nothing more than a dream with a time limit," says Joe L. Griffith. Great idea! Does having a deadline improve your work habits? Many folks get so much more done when they are clear about when it has to be completed. Why not do this with the things you want most in life?

When you set the bar, you know you can move it. The trick, then, is to make the commitments you make to yourself as important. or, even, more important. than the ones you make to others. For some, that's a revolutionary idea!

Do you put yourself off? Do you put yourself 'on hold' indefinitely? Many folks do. This is where the rubber hits the
road in good ol' American slang. This is where you have to 'fish or cut bait'. This is where you have to decide that you
are worth your time, energy and resources. I was raised by Depression Era parents. Their experience taught them to take every measure to ensure financial security. By example and osmosis, this was passed along to me. To a degree, their approach makes sense, however, it was a difficult change to make when I wanted to invest in myself. To take my money and invest it in me and my business rather than accumulate it in savings and investments took a lot of courage and self-confidence. I still have to sit myself down and give myself a good talking to some days!

Money makes money. You make money. What you do with that money determines your success. Life is filled with opportunities. Of course, you have to pay your bills but it is very good advice to pay yourself first. Put some money in a place where it will make money smartly first, then, pay the bills. This will help you realize your dreams. Unless, of course, your dream is to scrounge, scrape and scurry through life with difficulty. Then, forget the last paragraph.

Put a time limit on your goals. Give yourself something to work towards. You will achieve your dreams once you know what they are, what you're going to do to accomplish them, AND by when you will complete the task. Self-confidence will increase in direct proportion to the attention you give to your commitments to yourself. What a terrific by-product!

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