8 Steps To Stay Excited

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Excitement will take you a long ways towards hitting your goals. Excitement is also the key ingredient in attracting people to you in your personal or business life. Staying excited creates a positive mindset which allows us to remain focused at all times. It makes the journey to accomplishing your goals or achievements fun, always smiling and laughing enjoying life to the fullest! One way I stay excited is just by saying things to myself if I achieve a goal, do something good or finish a task, I may say to myself "yes!" or "that's what I'm talking about!" There is a lot of ways to stay excited and I'm going to share with you in more detail 8 Steps to Stay Excited:

1. Focus on growth in all areas and talk about it. I believe to be at our best we must continue to grow mentally, spiritually and physically. You want to talk about areas that you are growing in with positive people, who are there to support and uplift you.

2. Tell ourselves we're excited even when we're not. Staying excited isn't easy, especially when you're going through tough times or having a bad day. Sometimes we have to try to push through it regardless and keep that momentum going. Self talk is important, no one can give you better advice than yourself.

3. Understand we can change the direction of our lives in a moment. It's up to us to choose to live the life we want or accomplish the goals we have. If you're not satisfied with your life change it! When you are looking in the mirror, you are looking at the problem. But, remember, you are also looking at the solution.

4. Set long and short term goals and carry them out. Setting goals is very important and more important is really pursuing them. You want to set dates and time limits to by when you want to have your goals achieved. Have a game plan on how you are going to achieve your goals and stick with it. Never let discouragement or doubt replace the excitement that you feel when you think about your dream or goals.

5. Look for the good in everyone. Sometimes this can be very difficult to do. Some people you may feel is worthless or so negative you put them in a dark room they'll develop like film. But we want to find good qualities in people and bring it out of them, it may be a quality they never even recognized or consciously was aware of.

6. Commit to personal improvement. We always want to improve in what we are doing or skills we posses. Rather that's being a better father/mother, better presenter, better at marketing, whatever it is. Even if you feel you are great, push to be greater!

7. Believe that we have a higher purpose. We were born to be winners, to have abundance. Start living your life as a winner regardless of your circumstances. Have a belief system that you can be more than your current status or achieve more. We weren't put here to live an mediocre life, we were put here to live a great life! Start living life knowing you have a higher purpose!

8. Flush the negative past out of your mind. The past is just what it is, the past. To move forward in our lives we have to leave the past in the past, regardless of disappoints, set backs or failures. Some people like to say, you can tell a persons future by looking at their past, I don't believe that to be true in everyone. Like I said earlier, we can change the direction of our lives at any moment. Everyone has a past that pertain something negative, if it was true you can tell a persons future by looking at their past, nobody would be successful. Stay focused and use your goals as the steam to power your dreams!

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