5 Techniques to Improve Positive Thinking

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Though we mostly live in a negative world, yet the power of positive thinking is not something to be underrated. Positivity reduces anxiety, improves your life’s outlook, allows you to achieve your goals, and has a profound effect on your happiness. Yet we're often educated at a young age to think negatively, and focus only on the problems with a situation rather than bask in the positives. This is a problem, especially if you deal with life stress or anxiety. That's why it's important to learn ways to change your mindset so that your positive thinking improves, and ultimately your quality of life improves with it.

Methods to Improve Positive Thinking

• Surround Yourself with Positive People
First and foremost, you need to make sure that those around you are as positive as you want to be. Positivity is bred through how we interact with others. If you surround yourself with negative people that focus too heavily on the downsides of life events, you'll often find that your entire outlook remains negative. Make sure that your friends, relatives, and relationship partners are all positive people or determine to become positive people, otherwise it might be time to cut ties and find more positive individuals.

• Catalog Successes with Every Event

Imagine you're public speaking, and you mess up often. You say "um" too many times, read from your notes instead of memorizing the speech, and stumble upon your words a few times. There's a tendency to focus only on these "failures." But what about all of the successes? You were able to go up on stage in front of others! You completed your entire speech! You had others influenced by the words you spoke! These are all positives that came from the event, no matter how many mistakes you believe you made. After any event, write down only the positive things that came from it, so that you know what you really accomplished rather than worrying about what you didn't.

• Create a Positivity Journal

A similar exercise to consider is the idea of a positivity journal. A positivity journal is a place where you make it a goal to write out truly positive thoughts, events, and affirmations daily. In fact, you make it your goal to come up with as many as 10 or 20 every day, and you try to make them as unique as possible each passing day. Eventually, throughout your day, you'll start to notice all of the positive things that happen for you to put in the journal later, and that will allow you to stop focusing only the negative events.

• Use SMART Goals in Goal Setting

Another reason that many people experience a somewhat negative view of life events is because people set goals that are difficult to achieve, and – expectedly – they fall short. For them this may feel like a failure. But the truth is that on your way to achieving larger goals you'll often find many successes. That’s' where SMART goals come in.

SMART goals are a system of goal creation where you set many smaller, timely, obtainable goals on your way to a larger goal. With SMART goals, not only is your goal creation better planned, but you'll also have evidence of all of the success you make on your way toward achieving a goal, so that in the event it falls short you notice that you were still generally very successful.

• Exercise

It's amazing what exercise does for a positive outlook. Exercise actually creates positivity, by reducing stress hormones that cause anxiety and increasing neurotransmitters that create a more positive mood. Exercise also improves your health, which is an important part of a positive outlook.

Creating Positivity in Your Life

Positivity is an extremely important part of life happiness. Use the above tips to create more positivity in your life, and you'll find that you are more content with each passing day.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera is a positivity enthusiast, and one that realized how profound an effect positive thinking had on his anxiety. He has more about living positivity at www.calmclinic.com.

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