20 Ways to Find, Sustain and Share Happiness

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Happiness is a choice. The more happiness you choose, the more life presents you with experiences to feel happy about. If you are feeling blue or even downright depressed, you must make the decision to "get happy."

The following tips can help you; however, if you are seriously depressed, get some professional help. There are many new cutting-edge energy therapies that clear away negative emotions and negative thinking.

Find a professional who is more interested in giving you tools and guidance in generating more happiness than in trying to figure out why you feel the way you do. It is not necessary to find out why we feel sad or depressed to clear these feelings.

The bottom line is, if we give a lot of attention to what we don't want, we create more of it. To learn more about energy therapies that are designed to work with the mind/body energy system, including thoughts and feelings, go to: www.caroltuttle.com.

1. Choose to be happy rather than right.
2. Repeat aloud: "It doesn't matter."
3. Pay it forward. For every kind deed offered to you, do a kind deed for someone else.
4. Write thank-you notes frequently. The energy of gratitude feeds happiness.
5. Smile-even if you don't feel like it. You eventually will!
6. "Tap-out" your sad feelings. Using your fingertips, tap all over the top of your head while repeating: "I am free of this sadness. I am now feeling happy." Tapping on the nerve endings on the top of your head will start to lift this heavy, sad energy.
7. When you think a complimentary thought about someone-tell them.
8. Refrain from making judgments-think something positive instead.
9. Whistle.
10. Skip around your house.
11. Turn on your favorite upbeat song and sing along.
12. Ask your angels to flow to you the energy of happiness.
13. Patch your right eye if you are thinking negative thoughts. When you put an eye patch on your right eye, you quiet the left brain and its negative chatter.
14. Hug someone-tightly.
15. Ask your children to tuck you in bed and read you a story for a change.
16. Stay in the present. Let the future be just that: the future.
17. Hold a newborn baby and welcome them into the world.
18. Give some service to someone who is more needy than you.
19. Exercise regularly.
20. Pray and meditate.

And, just because I like to give a little extra, because it makes me happy,

21. Love yourself and make the choice to "BE HAPPY."

About the Author:

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century. She is a popular speaker and seminar leader with a series of best-selling CD's on her seminars. Go to http://www.caroltuttle.com Copyright © 2003, Carol Tuttle

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