10 Golden Rules to Live a Great Life

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What is your vision of life? Are you determined to live a great life? Are you prepared to take steps in the right direction in order to live the life of your dreams?

I am giving below some tips as to how you can live a great life by bringing more happiness, excitement, joy and success into your life.

1. A great life is a well-planned life. Living without planning is just a wastage of time. Think and plan your life according to your own dreams. Color your dreams into reality. Write down your goals, needs, desires and dreams. Now think, how can you reach your goals and achieve what you desire. To reach your goals, you must be willing to take actions that are necessary until you are finally successful.

2. Be ready to play an active role in life. Live in the present, work in the present and plan your future activities keeping in view your vision and dream of a wonderful life.

3. Don’t be upset by your failures. Failure is the stepping stone of success. Don’t be discouraged by your failures rather take failure as an opportunity to try some other method of success. Sometimes, in spite of all your best efforts you cannot get what you had planned. In that case, leave the whole matter to God. There may be some good reason of your failure.

4. Remain positive all the time and don’t let anybody ruin your plans. Keep yourself away from the company of negative people.

5. You cannot live a great life unless you are in good health. Therefore, give top priority to your health and fitness. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit by doing daily exercise, yoga, and brisk walking. If you are over forty then it’s better to have a medical check- up every year. Depend less on medicines and more on herbal remedies. Also eat right foods and take healthy drinks.

6. Live the life of a lover and bring love into your life. Love yourself and love your family. Love your job and your colleagues. Love your friends and neighbors. Love God and love all human beings. The only way of bringing love into your life is to give love. The more you will love others, the more you will get love from them. In this way, your life will become the paradise of love.

7. Remain kind and helpful to others. Much of our success depends on others, in one way or the other, so be kind and gentle to others.

8. Always wear a lively smile on your face. Remain cheerful and let others smile.

9. Enjoy every moment of your life. Spend some quality time with your family, indoors or outdoors.

10. Remain thankful to God and other people for your success in life. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

About the Author:
Hifzur Rehman, the author of this article is the Editor and Founder of http://www.selfimprovement.ch

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