Work Less, Enjoy More

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For most people the caption of this article “Work Less, Enjoy More” may seem to be misleading as they may perhaps be believing in “Work More, Enjoy Less” formula. To me, life is a beautiful gift of God so enjoy every moment of your life. Enjoy as much as you can.

Another point worth considering is that if you can get better pay and quick promotion by working less then why work more. Why deprive yourself of the opportunity of enjoying life.

In order to work less and enjoy more, all that you have to do is to change your thinking about work. Change your attitude towards work and that will automatically improve your productivity. When your productivity at work will improve you will get quick promotion and better pay.

Don’t think that working is an unpleasant thing and don’t think that you are being forced to work to earn a livelihood. Treat your job as the most pleasant thing you are doing in your life. The more you feel comfortable about work the more you enjoy your work. If you show efficiency at work then there are chances that you will be offered a more responsible position with a better pay package.

Most people work 40 hours a week. This leaves them 128 hours of leisure time, which is quite enough to enjoy life. Any work you do, at your own will, in or outside your house, must give you happiness whether it’s cleaning of the house, dish washing, cooking, gardening, taking care of kids, or going out for shopping, etc. It’s your attitude or thinking that makes you feel tired or happy. I love gardening and I spend hours in taking care of the plants and flowers without being bored or tired. In fact, I feel more energetic and relaxed after doing work in my small garden.

Some people listen to music while doing work in their homes and that keeps them enjoy the work without being tired. Most people feel much better after doing some work rather sitting idle and being bored. The main reason of being bored is that people have nothing to do or they are physically unfit to do something. Even if you are old but physically fit then you must keep on doing something and that is good for your physical and mental fitness.

I have seen people smiling while doing work in very harsh circumstances. They take pride in their work and they enjoy doing whatever work they are doing. If you start enjoying your work then in fact you will be doing less work and enjoying more. That’s my point of view. Make your work a part of your enjoyment so that you enjoy your life more and more.

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