New Year Message from the Editor

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Happy New Year 2011 to all my friends, guests, self improvement enthusiasts and the regular visitors of your favourite website

Today is the first day of the New Year 2011. This is the most important day of the year. Are you in love with 2011? Your success in 2011 depends on what are your feelings on the New Year Day. How did you start this day? Start the New Year with a strong determination and belief that the year 2011 is going to be the most lucky, most fruitful and most successful year of your life. In order to change your life for good you would be required to change yourself. Are you ready for that? The answer to this question is the key to your success or failure in the year 2011.

I want to let you know how I started my New Year Day and how excited I am at the beginning of 2011.

I got up early in the morning and started my New Year Day by praying to God to give me good health, happiness and success in the New Year 2011. Then I came to the balcony of my house to witness the first rising sun of the year. I am happy that I saw the dawn of the New Year. What a fantastic view was that! The beauty and grandeur of the rising sun was quite amazing and a source of inspiration to my inner self. I started breathing deeply visualizing with my closed eyes that it is not the rising sun but the rising New Year 2011 that is offering me a lot. I asked myself “am I prepared for that” and then started searching the answer within me.

I took a morning walk and did some yoga exercise. After taking some rest I went to the bath room and washed my whole body with soap and hot water. I wore new clothes which I had bought for this day. In the meanwhile, my wife had prepared a special nutritious dish for today’s breakfast consisting of dried fruit, nuts, milk and honey. It was very delicious and of course quite energizing.

Now I am sitting in front of my computer and writing these lines. I am feeling that as if I am not entering into a new year but in a new world. Everything is looking new and charming to me. I am in a fantastic new world now. I am now a changed person with great ambitions. I am sure that I am going to make this year, the most rewarding and most productive year of my life. What about YOU? For any views, comments, suggestions or advice write to me in the contact us form.

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