4 Quick Fire Strategies For Winning The Job Of Your Dreams

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If you are currently unemployed, or if you wish to change career, the following guidance will greatly improve your chances of getting your dream job. Whatever you do, when you apply for a specific job or career, follow these strategies and you will soon find that success is just around the corner.

Strategy 1 - Choose your job carefully There are literally hundreds of what I call 'serial job hunters' out there at the moment. These are the people who shove out their CV to every job going, in the hope that they will land one job. When assessing application forms in the past I can spot this type of person a mile off, and their application is immediately rejected. Why? Simply because I know that this person is not interested in working for the
organisation but rather they are interested in getting a paid job. Yes, of course, pay is important and it is also the primamry reason why many of us go to work. But, from an employers perspective, they want to employ people who really want to work for them. When you apply for any job, make sure you chose it carefully. Research the company,
research the role and you will be able to submit a far stronger application.

Strategy 2 - Assessable qualities, competencies and attributes When a decent employer creates a job post they will normally have what is called a person specification. You must get yourself a copy of this before you apply for the job. When assessing application forms I will always have a copy of the job description and person specification to hand. I will be looking for evidence of where the person meets the 'essential' criteria for the post. If they fail to meet any element of the essential criteria, then they won't progress to the interview or testing stage.

Strategy 3 - Evidence, evidence, evidence When completing your application form, and even when you attend the interview, always provide the employer with lots or evidence of where you meet the assessable qualities. So, for example, if you were applying for a customer service position, have a number of examples of where you: 1. Have provided excellent customer service 2. Dealt with a complaint 3. Followed company policy or procedures 4. Gone out of your way to make a customer happy

Strategy 4 - Mock interview I have been successful at over 90% of interviews that I have attended. This is not because I am better than the next person, but rather because I prepare better; and that involves carrying out plenty of mock interviews. I basically get a friend of
relative to sit down and interview me. I write down a list of the questions that I believe I will get asked during the interview and I give them to my mock interviewer. I then sit there, in a formal setting, and answer every questions. When I do eventually attend the real interview my confidence is brimming and, whilst the questions may not be the same, I am able to provide solid responses to the questions.

Try a mock interview before you next attend a job interview and you will be amazed at the results.

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