Are you lucky?

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Do you think yourself lucky or believe that you are a born unlucky person? How do you define good luck?
Most people think themselves lucky only if they win a lottery, get a surprise raise in pay, receive an expensive gift, achieve an excellence award, get nominated for an overseas assignment, win a trophy in sports or buy a dream car/house. I have a different view about luck. I think you are lucky if:

- You are in good health and have a strong desire to keep yourself healthy and physically fit..

- You are keeping a balance between your professional and family life.

- You have something to do; a goal to achieve, a target to reach or a deadline to meet.

- You accept challenges as opportunities and react positively.

- You are not dishearted by your failures rather remain fully committed to achieve success against all odds.

- You spend your spare time in learning new skills.

- You help the needy people.

- You count your blessings and thank God.

- You learn from your mistakes and promise not to repeat them.

- You forgive others for their mistakes.

- You give a part of your fortunes for some noble cause.

- You get love and give love.

- You simply say “I am lucky”.

We are all lucky in one way or the other but we need to realize that. If you think you are unlucky, you are mistaken, think again.

If you think you are lucky then please give your comments in the space provided below this article so that those who think themselves unlucky may benefit from your views. No doubt you are lucky, if you let others benefit from the knowledge you possess. God bless you and good luck.

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