How to Help Your Career Build

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If someone was just entering the workforce or maybe they are already established in the workforce, how could one move in their career? Build a solid resume or portfolio is a wise start.

Maybe it's been a few years, or more, since the resume has been updated. Well then, it's time to update it with any advancements made in the career. Build upon each advancement, and make sure that the responsibilities are clearly explained.

Most people choose their career and build upon it, with the end result being a successful career. There are many steps someone can take to make that happen. Depending on the choice of career, build upon what one knows and continue to get the education one needs to advance.

That may mean taking night classes or continuing education classes. Neither of which is very uncommon in our competitive workforce. Many major companies will pay their employees to further their education.

One just needs to know whom to ask and what to ask for. If the company doesn't pay for any type of education, then get to reading. That can be done for free at the library.

Even expanding ones knowledge that way can help with ones advancement. Check the internet for online classes, which can be a less expensive way to get the education one needs.

Another way to help ones occupational goals, is by doing volunteer work. Getting out into the community can unlock many
doors as well as give back to those around. It gets people around other people with similar interests even though all may
have different jobs.

This would also be a good avenue if someone was looking for work or looking for a change in jobs. It gives that person the
openness to ask questions and find out what else is out there in a friendly environment.

Look at taking on some challenges or extra work to advance. There may become a business opportunity to take on a project
that no one else really wants to take on.

This is a great chance to show one’s talents and maybe even challenge oneself, especially if it is a project that is outside
of one’s comfort zone and would require some out of the box thinking. It will also show initiative and that person as being
a self starter.

Another way to advance in one’s career is to build a network. Don't limit it to people at work either. Expand it to people
that do a similar job elsewhere. Not everybody thinks the same way, and being around a group of people that are doing a similar job may show that there are different ways of doing it.

This would also be helpful if someone took on a task that stretches them and if they may need help thinking outside of the
box. There are networking groups online that are easy to join.

It may not end up being a group of people that all have the same type of job, there may be a variety of jobs sitting around a
table, but that makes it great. This is also a valuable resource right now in the current job market. If someone was to lose their job, this would be a great place to search out new jobs as well.

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