IT Jobs That Are in Demand

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You already know that computer and information technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a snap to pick up a job. Here is a list of the top ten IT jobs hiring right now, and a short description of each.

Systems Administrator: A systems administrator, or SA, if you will, takes care of the maintenance end of computer systems. The responsibilities of an SA include research and development, troubleshooting, and configuration. The systems administrator installs software and hardware, and keeps it updated and bug-free

Network Engineer: A network engineer is responsible for the creation, the installation, and the upkeep of networks within a company, or among several companies. He or she will act within the company as a technical support consultant, and as part of an IT firm that provides networking services to multiple clients.

Data Analyst: Naturally, a data analyst analyzes data: he or she must scrutinize a company’s practices to improve business and marketing strategies, PR, and other concerns. The data analyst looks for ways to increase profits, and locate risks.

Electrical Engineer: Electrical engineer—yes, it’s an IT job, and a crucial one at that. An electrical engineer is responsible
for installing a building’s lighting, wiring, and utilities in a way that promotes maximum economy of space and efficiency of cooling. More specialized electrical engineers can also work in the development of hardware and design.

Manufacturing Engineer: Optimization is job number one for the manufacturing engineer. He or she must oversee the creation, development, and assembly of a company’s hardware and software, monitor these systems for any weaknesses, and develop solutions that address those issues.

Program Manager: A program manager generally acts as a liaison between businesses and provides of software solutions. A program manager is in charge of scheduling updates, assessing performance, and pricing computer programs for a company. One part contract negotiator and one part project manager, this is far from an entry-level position. Any firm looking for a program manager expects a creative problem-solver with at least a B.A. or B.S. and several years of experience.

Business Analyst: Business analyst is one of the more opaque titles in the IT world, as it appears to be a far simpler role
than it truly is. Think of this job as one part financial planner/ one part technical guru. The Business analyst monitors
the business plan of a given company for efficiency and potential improvement.

Software Engineer: Software engineering entails a variety of skills and responsibilities, including designing, testing,
installing, and configuring software across a variety of media. One may be working with computer games, messaging, or operating systems. A software engineer sees a project through from its inception to its implementation, and is then responsible for working out any bugs and for the general maintenance of the system. As a software engineer, expect a fast paced working atmosphere in which you must constantly adapt and evolve as new technologies are born.

Technical Writer: A technical writer is a translator of sorts. One needs to be a skilled communicator who can take a sophisticated concept, along with its peculiar jargon, and deliver it in concise and easy to understand terms. A technical
writer may work as a reporter of sorts, writing articles that cover the newest technological breakthroughs and concerns; or he or she may assist in the composition of instruction manuals and guidebooks. A technical writer may also be asked to write PR documents, press releases, or even mock-up promotional documents before they are sent to ad agencies. Technical writers just as often as not, have experience elsewhere in the field of computer science and technology.

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