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Success is an evolution, not a overnight achievement; A journey not a destination; an unending project , never a single simple accomplishment that stands alone unrelated to the past and disconnected from the future. Career and Personal Success is a never ending process of going through good and bad times, pleasure and pains, ups and downs, ins and outs!

This includes both career and personal. Both are of equal importance in ones life. If there were a formula for success it would look like this

Being + Doing + Having = Success... From inside out, Many people have this backward. Their formula for success looks like this Having + Doing +being = Success… from outside in.

A guy I knew was faithfully following this outside in formula. His goal was to make lots of money by the time he was 40 so that he could quit his job, finally do the work he loved, and live the life he really wanted to. He was working long hours to pursue this goal, had a BMW and the latest toys, and yet rarely had time to spend with his wife, friends and family. He couldn’t understand why his life lacked meaning.

Many people have their priorities upside down. They get bogged down in HAVING stage. They can’t get past it to the being state, because they feel they just don’t have enough yet. They think what defines their success is how much money they have, the people they know, the things they posses.

Going through career change, or being a part of a big company with many responsibilities and onus to shoulder on can really be tough. Getting through them, with your personal life intact is a must. This often becomes a blow to your nervous system. There are many sources out there to help you with the job search. Yet, what about the emotional side of yourself? Our emotions often take a back seat when it comes to the career. There are a few steps to get you through the difficult times, where in you cling to your personal life as a life saver, in times of career stresses and transitions.

• It is important to acknowledge your emotions. Feel them and realize them. If you don’t, the emotions will hold you back .Give your emotions the importance they deserve. Talk to a trusted friend. Write your feeling .Cry. Get angry. Feel the fear. Do something physical to release them. Unresolved anger at a boss or company will come through in an interview if you haven’t come in terms with it.

• Monitor your thoughts. Negative thoughts give negative results. Make sure you maintain a positive environment around you. Keep doing things you find gives you pleasure. Reframe those negative thoughts into positive ones.

• Consider the possibilities. Deciding to make a career change, or being restructured out of your job , may just be the break you are looking for. Brainstorm the activities that are now open to you. Travelling, turning a hobby into business, and so on. Get outrageous. Be excited. The sky is the limit. So, don’t step back, till you reach the balance between career and personal life.

With these simple strategies, career and personal success is at your door steps.

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