Travel Guide to Pakistan

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When it comes to travel we always choose places that are good, where the scenic landscapes are so beautiful that they take our breath away, where a new culture embraces us and where we feel that nothing is as beautiful as this planet. Normally, we choose places which are already on top of the list and where most of the world goes for enjoyment, but what about the places which are neglected and never visited. There are many places on earth which have never received their share of recognition and respect inspite of the fact that they have some of the best architecture, landscapes, food and tradition. One such place is Pakistan.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan or Pakistan is just next to India and is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran on the north western side. Though, once it was a part of India, Pakistan received its independence in 1947 and since than the country has been suffering from political instability and military rule, but there are places here that are really worth watching and which stand for the service of humanity. If you are in Islamabad than you will come across some of the best Islamic cuisine and landmarks that have stood the test of time and one of them is National Monument of Pakistan which is located at the west of Shakar Parian Hills. The blossoming flower petal design of the monument stands for the unity and bravery in the people of Pakistan. The capital city of Pakistan has many more sightseeings and locations which are really beautiful and you can enjoy the best Pakistani cuisines here in the city. You can even visit the twin city of Islamabad which is better known as Rawalpindi.

Not very far from Islamabad is the city of Lahore which is known as the Garden of Mughals. If you look around the city you will find that Mughal heritage is still alive in all the architecture and monuments here. If you love strolling in gardens, than you will love some of the most exotic gardens in the world here in Lahore better known as the Shalimar Gardens and Sukh Chayn. Lahore is also an educational centre of Pakistan and therefore you will find some of the best universities here in Lahore. The Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan are some landmarks that you should not miss when you are in Lahore because they not only look majestic but they also hold historical significance.

Towards the south, you can take a quick break in the city of Hyderabad which was once the capital city of Sindh and is one of the oldest cities in South Asia. Formerly known as Neroon Kot, the city got its new name from the British after they won over it in 1843. However, the city still has the monuments of Kalhora and Tulpar rulers and famous for embroidery bracelets, bangles and colorful shawls.

Last but not the least on the list should be Karachi because here you will have to spend a lot of time as Karachi is packed with a lot of places that you should checkout. Places like Wazir Mansion, Quaid-E-Azam Mausoleum, Liaquat Hall, Burns Gardens, Empress Market, Clifton Beach, and Mereweather Tower are really worth the trip to Pakistan.

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