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Today (October 16) is my 62nd birthday. I celebrate my birthday in a non-traditional manner. I have a different way of celebrating my birthday. I sit quiet for some time and critically analyze my whole year’s progress. Then I set realistic goals for the next year of my life. This time I am going to share some personal aspects of my life with you and hope that it may be of some help to you in living a better life.

I think, I am a lucky person as God is kind to me. I got all that I wanted in my life. All my dreams have come true. I am living a very satisfied, happy life and enjoying every bit of it.

I start my day by thanking God for all my fortunes, good health and a loving family life. Every morning, I establish a relationship of gratitude with God that gives me spiritual power, courage and the much needed inner strength. I keep on sitting crossed legged on the floor for 30 to 45 minutes and go in deep meditation. After that I breathe deeply to fill my lungs with fresh air and do some yoga exercise. If weather permits, I go for a morning walk.

I am now a retired person but throughout my professional life, I was fully dedicated to my work. I loved my work and always tried to perform my duties in the best possible manner. A well performed work always gives you the inner satisfaction and happiness. A person who is dedicated to his work always gets the appreciation of his seniors and thus has better chances of out of turn promotion and pay increase.

I enjoy giving. You get what you give. If you give love you will get love. If you respect others they will respect you. If you appreciate people you will get their appreciation. I give a lot of things and get everything in abundance. I give my love to the people and get much more love from them. I give money to the needy people and get much more money from various sources. I help other people and get more help from others. Believe me that happens. You get much more than you give!

“Hello” and “thank you” are my favorite words. I keep on saying hello and thank you to as many people as possible during the day. These are magic words that work wonders. Don’t say “hello” and “thank you” in a mechanical way but in a humble, polite manner, with the expression of your face that truly reflects your feelings.

I am a spiritual person and believes in sufism. I spread the message of love and peace through my writings and speeches. I love all people of the world irrespective of their faith or religious views. I believe that people should not fight over their religious beliefs rather respect other peoples faith and let others pray in their own way.

I am in my early sixties but I have a heart and mind of a 25 year old person. I have crossed the youthful years but I am physically fit and feel myself young by heart and soul. Keep depression and stress away from your life and you will ever remain young. Don’t let negativity ruin your life. Do some creative work. Remain positive and enjoy life!

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