How To Love Your Job!

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If you aren't happy with your job, a good place to start is with your perception on why you actually go to work. Now if you really didn't want to go to work you wouldn't and perhaps you don't like your job but you certainly like what it brings you. Think about showing some appreciation for the fact that the
position is helping you to pay your mortgage or rent, support your family, educate your children or take you to exciting places around the world.

Steps to finding your ideal job:

* Think about what you love that if you had all the money in the world and didn't need to work but still wanted to what would you do?

* Highlight what your strengths are and ask some friends/colleagues what they think you'd be great at.

* Update your CV and look for opportunities within your current company, job ads or ask in your current network of any leads to the perfect job for you.

* Establish a minimum criteria for you to move to a new role e.g. Salary, hours, location, responsibilities etc.

* Picture yourself in your ideal job. Ask yourself are you lacking in experience/ training in these areas and if so start researching some courses or ways in which to develop these skills so when the time comes you'll be ready!

Not liking your job can lead to stress and unhappiness and can be wasting precious time on earth. Working because you feel you have to and all the time wishing you didn't have to be there or counting down the hours is not a great way to be living your working life. It's essential to do something you love as here is where you will give the best job and gain the most satisfaction.

If you don't like your current job you might like to consider looking into another position within your current company or elsewhere. Recruiters are currently in need of quality candidates like never before. Find an agency you like and form a relationship with them. Make sure you're honest about your
aspirations, as the consultant will help you identify skills gaps and advise you about changing careers or moving into new roles if that's your goal. Many recruiters now take an active role in managing their candidate careers, which means as your skills expand, they'll help you move into another position that
utilizes this knowledge. Each move is another stepping stone to achieving your ultimate goal. There is no time to stand still!

Try to inject interest and fun into your work tasks and appreciate the people you work with even if you don't' like them! Find their good qualities as this will make your heart bigger and kinder. When you're in a state of gratitude you will
only focus on the good things around you and this can help you to see the old chores as actually pleasurable activities and also allows you to shine and do the best job you can at the same time.

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