The Whole Body Detox - Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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When doing a whole body detox many people forget that the spirit is also an important part of the body and the detoxification process. Negative thought processes build stress; stress in turn creates a negative impact on the body's ability to function ultimately leading to an increase in toxins within the body.

This is why when doing a whole body detox it is important to include not just the processes that cover flushing out the internal physical parts of the body, putting in the fuel necessary to get these organs and processes back into working order but also creating the right mind set and preparing the spirit.

You may have noticed in getting ready to do a whole body detox that people who are really into living a healthy lifestyle tend to be very upbeat and positive people. They have tons of energy, a ready smile and they tend to have a way of drawing others to them. This is what is missing from many people when they do a whole body detox, especially when they do the weekend purges.
These are great, if you want to torture yourself but a true whole body detox takes time and is done gradual. Creating stress within the body simply adds a greater potential for an increase in toxins and since nothing in the lifestyle actually changes, chances are most people who do the weekend whole body detox programs end up going right back to the things that had them doing a detox in the first place.

A whole body detox is about changing your lifestyle, eating right, thinking right and having the right outlook on life. This provides you with everything you need to lead the lifestyle you have been looking for. The one where you look and feel like your age or younger and you have the energy to take on your job, your family and your life.

The first thing to do is keep in mind that a whole body detox is going to take three or more months and that the dietary whole body detox programs should last around 28 days. This allows your body to adjust to the new diet, remove the toxins, build up the good nutrients and get used to having the fuel it needs without creating undue stress on your body. Wraps, dry brushing and other
skin detoxification techniques help to draw the heavy metals and other toxins from the skin. Meditation helps with breathing to remove toxins from the body via the lungs, and supply oxygen, which is necessary to fuel the detoxification processes.

Meditation also leads to an awareness of emotional and self which can help you to locate areas where you create stress and toxic situations for yourself. A whole body detox is not just about mending the body but also the mind and the spirit so that you can enjoy everything that life has to offer while being able to take on anything that comes your way in stride. These are some of the benefits you can receive by taking the time to engage in a whole body detox program.

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