Opening the door to your small business success

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A friend recently told me a curious story which saw two hundred people presented with an unlocked door and instructed to simply open it and walk through. And yet, of all who tried, only one in two hundred was successful – just one young girl was able to open this unlocked door, and step through to the other side.

The door was part of an experiment to investigate how people perceive things, and how we cope with matters that don't fit our expectations.

The researchers had set up a normal unlocked door with just one vital difference - the handle was placed on the same side as the hinges. A small difference you'd think but one that meant that when one hundred and ninety nine of the people in the trial tried to open it, all pushing and pulling on the handle, they didn't get the response they hoped. So they all decided the door was locked and gave up. Of all the people in the group there was just one, the successful young girl, who was able to look beyond the obvious and try pushing the other side of the door a push.

I love this story because all sorts of interesting questions.

The first and most immediate question is of course, who is funding this kind of research and how can I get their phone number?

But beyond that it also raises some interesting points about how we as people, and especially to us as small business people, react to things out of our experience.

How many people do you know that are pushing on the door to their business success but no matter how hard they try the door won't open? What stories have you heard, or even told, about how tough it is to get ahead in business today?

- There's the economy

- There's the (ongoing) political uncertainty

- There's the weather,

- There's the holidays

There's this, and there's always that, and these are all just handles on the door inviting you to put your faith in them to open the door to your business success. When you spend you time pushing them does it feel like the door just isn't budging?

It's only when you look beyond the obvious handles that you might find that the door is always unlocked and ready to swing open easily when you push in the right place.

So take a step back in your own business, look beyond the obvious handles and start thinking about where the hinges really are to open your own small business success. Try pushing somewhere else and you might be surprised how easy the door swings open to reveal the true potential for your business.

About the Author:

Dr. Kev Roberts has been helping small business owners unlock the potential of their business for years. He knows the need for a balanced approach between practical real world mechanics and softer, headspace side of being successful in small business.
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