Follow The Crowd And You'll Never Become Rich!

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This may shock you. Research in the USA has shown that less than 5% of people reach financial independence by the time they retire. Only around 1% (one in a hundred) becomes wealthy.

My advice is to start thinking differently. If you follow the crowd by following the example of the 95%... where are you heading?

If you do the same things that almost everyone else does, then there is a good chance you will end up with the same results as they do.

Most people don't live in big flash homes, drive expensive cars, have hugely healthy bank accounts and big investments, or travel the world wherever or whenever they please.

Most people spend most of their lives just working hard for a wage or salary, fighting to keep their heads above the water, to pay a never-ending tide of bills.

By working hard to earn a living, most people are simply trading their time (hours) for money. So, if you want to be rich, you'll need to take control of your own destiny.

The cold-hard truth is that most people will not get rich working for someone else. This is not just because of low earning capacity, but also because employees generally "earn to spend." Employees know they have a fixed income, so most know how much money they can expect to earn each and every month.

Therein lies the danger - the more we have - the more we spend.

The predictability of "earning a living" can lull a person into a false sense of security. An employee mindset is usually totally different to that of the small business owner who may have no real guarantee of a steady income - so will spend money only when absolutely necessary.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting you quit your job tomorrow. I'm not suggesting you stop spending, or stop enjoying life. Nor am I suggesting that you start squirreling away your surplus income in a bank account. Despite what banks might say in the millions of dollars they spend on advertising - they really couldn't care less about you. BANKS ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY! If you don't believe me, try borrowing some money from a bank, and see how ruthless they can be.

Saving at the meager interest rate they'll pay will not work. This is not enough to take care of you in your retirement - or if you lost your job - or if you had to stop working for health or other reasons.

Rather than rely on banks or employers, take control of your own destiny and make your money work for you. Think differently and don't always follow the crowd.

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