Equity Financing For Business Loans

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Personal equity financing represents what you have to offer to your business. Lenders consider your personal equity financing carefully when they are approached for a business loan. You may be asked to increase your personal equity financing for some lenders to consider your eligibility for a business loan.

Generally, when you have a greater amount of personal equity, you are eligible for larger loans. If you do not have enough personal equity, you will not be considered as eligible for most business loans. Having a greater amount of personal equity shows lenders that you are able to retain, save or generate money as necessary.

Cash is the basic form of personal equity. Your personal cash equity shows a lender that you are able to save money or produce it when it is necessary. A larger amount of personal cash equity is more assuring to a lender.

Another form of personal equity is the home equity line of credit. This means that your house is the underlying asset for a business loan. This form of equity can be used without the necessity of liquidating the home for cash. Using your home as a form of equity for a loan is considered as taking a second mortgage on the home.

The amount of your home equity is based on the difference between the value of your home and the amount of the mortgage that is still owed on the home. You can increase your home equity. The first method is to negotiate a shorter mortgage period when purchasing a home or for your current mortgage. A strategy that will help you to negotiate a shorter mortgage period is to plan a large down payment on the mortgage. By making extra or larger payments, you can reduce your current mortgage period. Have a discussion with your lender about the methods that you can use to retire a current mortgage faster.

The second method for increasing home equity is to increase the value of your home. Upgrade your home and maintain it so that your property stays in excellent shape. Regular maintenance, additions and renovations will ensure that the home does not devalue over time.

In some cases, vehicles or equipment may be used as a form of personal equity for a business loan. Stocks, bonds, credit cards, life insurance cash value based loans and profit sharing ventures may also be considered as personal equity for a business loan.

If you have a financial angel, you could use a personal loan from the person as equity. This situation is best when you are not expected to pay back the loan. If you do have to pay the personal loan back, then this is more debt for you at a time when you need more capital.

Try to avoid using your credit as a way to pay off a business loan. Chances are that if you have to do this, you will become financially stretched. If you want to finance the start up or upgrade of a business, start saving capital and go for the loan when you are ready with enough personal equity. You can plan for the loan amount that you want when you determine how to increase your personal equity.

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