10 Characteristics of Effective Leaders

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1. Leader is a goal-setter and is focused on achieving goals
Leaders don’t become successful by accident. They foresee where their organization should be positioned and then they set their goals accordingly. Then they plan to achieve those goals.

2. Leader builds relationships and earns the trust of the team
A leader recognizes that success is only possible through the team. So he invests his time and energy in building healthy and positive relationship with his team members and others. He works hard to earn their trust so that they would do what they are asked to whether they completely understand the reasons or not.

3. Leader is a team-builder. He is concerned with “we” more than “me”
An effective leader keep a lid on his ego. He does not take credit for the accomplishments of his team. He always thinks about the team and gives credit to the team for all accomplishments.

4. Leader see the big picture and acts accordingly
Most people don’t see beyond their domain or their daily routine. A leader see the big picture and focuses on the big picture.

5. Listens to team members and is able to see from their perspective
A leader cares about his team members and considers their concerns to be genuine concerns. As such, he listens to their concerns and acts accordingly, whether this involves allaying concerns or making changes to address them.

6. Leader treats everyone fairly and respectfully
An effective leader is not an egocentric arrogant person. He treats everyone respectfully. He is fair in his dealing with everyone.

7. Leader accepts responsibility
An effective leader accepts responsibility for failures and then takes action to address the failures so that the team can be successful in the future.

8. Leaders assigns tasks and delegates responsibility effectively
Leaders cannot do everything themselves. They can only get the tasks done through others. Effective leaders can recognize strengths and weaknesses of their team members and based on this they are able to assign tasks and delegate responsibilities effectively.

9. Leader demonstrates unshakeable positive attitude
The worst people in every organization are those who are constantly negative and express negative opinions of others in their absence. Effective leaders are always positive and they provide reasons for others to be positive. They are positive because they are constantly working to improve and see success in the future.

10. Leader exhibits calmness in rough waters
Effective leaders don’t panic. They stay calm and deal with adversity and the situation.

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