Why Some Dogs Become Mischievous

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Have you ever came home and found your favorite pair of sneakers chewed to bits? Have you ever been irritated by a dog that wants to play a game of keep-away with your gloves? The truth of the matter is that your dog is not trying to aggravate you or to make you angry. There are reasons that your dog does the things that he does, and part of being a responsible dog owner is sitting down and figuring out what is going on and then finding an acceptable solution for the situation. If you have noticed your dog acting up, whether this is a new behavior or whether it has occurred after a long dormant period, there are lots of things to think about.

The first problematic behavior that you might notice is that your dog is chewing on things. If he is a puppy, it is because he might be teething, the same reason that a baby would. Of course a baby doesn't have sharp little teeth that will go right through paper and even leather, so measures definitely need to be taken! Give him something of his own to chew on; there are specific toys that are made for this purpose, so avoid giving him something like an old shoe, which he might associate with your new shoes! Older dogs that start chewing might be having a dental or oral problem that needs to be taken to a vet or they might be feeling frustrated or pent up.

Another commonly mischievous behavior for dogs is to steal something like a sock and then to run away with it. The problem is that this can be something that the dog easily learns to enjoy because it makes you chase him and he thinks that this is a great game! When your dog steals something, it can be frustrating and annoying and it does not good to punish your dog when you catch him because then he will simply start to fear and mistrust you instead. There are several ways to make sure that he will stop stealing things though.

Particularly if you have a puppy, tidy up and make sure that there are fewer things lying around for him to steal. Remember that if your dog is giving of all of the 'come chase me signals' do not give in to his game. Instead, stay calm and be assertive. Make sure that he understands the commands of 'sit' and 'stay. You can use these commands to walk up to him and take the object in question away from him. Remember that if you use a phrase to mean 'Drop it' that you should keep using it; this will make for less confusion down the line.

Finally, remember that one reason why your dog might be being mischievous is that he is bored! Bored dogs, just like bored kids, will do a lot to get attention and to make people pay attention to them. Your dog might need more toys, but there is a good chance that your dog needs more attention as well!

Take some time and learn why your dog really is being mischievous!

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