You Must Replenish Your Body After A Night Out Alcohol Drinking

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The benefits of relaxing your nerves and letting your hair down, sort of speak have been recognized since human kind started. After two drinks it takes a 120 minutes or so depending on the body type of the person for the body to convert alcohol and get rid of it. If a person drinks more than two drinks in an hour or two the body gets saturated quickly.

When this occurs the alcohol act as a poison and the main damage is a mineral deficiency along with a vitamin deficiency. Alcohol has no nutrients for its' high calorie content. A lot of cooking in the body is going on but no nutrition metabolizing. This is not good for the tissue. If you help your body it is pretty obvious the human body can tolerate alcohol since we been drinking forever..

The more conscious you are of the need for liquid minerals and vitamins the healthy you can feel and in indulge in your favorite spirits. Alcohol drinking consumes large stores of B1. Lower levels of B1 can cause memory disorders, concentration problems, heart problems especially rapid palpitations of the heart.

B2 levels are depleted with regular drinking of alcohol. These lowered levels of B2 can lead to specifically digestive disorders leading to weak eyesight, joint pins and inflammations, cracks and sores of the mouth,and various skin disorders.

B3 is the most effected by alcohol. Depression can result from lowered B3 nutritional levels.

The remarkable mineral magnesium is lowered by drinking alcohol and this can lead to weak bone development , blood clots and certain mental diseases are related to low magnesium levels.

The remarkable mineral element zinc is a key player with certain enzymes that is used to metabolize alcohol. Losing zinc little by little will lead to poor wound healing, a chronic fatigue feeling, infertility and prostate gland disorders.

Alcohol directly affects the cerebral cortex. This is the center of conscious thinking and as the great thinkers have always taught us to attain to , self realization. The cortex gets effected by alcohol first. You start missing words and can't remember what you were going to say.

The hypothalamus , the relay station for nerve transmission between the brain stem and the cerebral cortex is alcohols next stop. So, as you would imagine messages get confused.

The Pineal gland is the home of remarkable minerals like magnesium and phosphorous which (Dr. Helen has written other articles take a look at other Remarkable Mineral articles through ezine articles.) Prolonged alcohol use reduces both these minerals which is why it is urgent that one drinks liquid minerals if drinking is a part of the fabric of ones' life.

The Pineal gland is interesting and has so much to do with the ability of our senses to register the subtle aspects of love and even spiritual understanding and feelings.

Cirrhosis of the liver is the development of fatty tissue degenerating the liver commonly understood to occur as a result of taking in alcohol. Aloe vera juice taken regularly will flush the liver and cleanse and keep it clean and youthful. alcohol also affects the pituitary, reticular activating system and the brain stem. Regular extra care of the body will allow you party with confidence and balance. Feeling good gets to be the most enjoyable addiction of all.

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