Why Sleep is So Important

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Getting the right amount of sleep is perhaps one of the most understate things ever- especially in American culture. Most humans require at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is what helps us to think clearly. It is what helps us to stay fresh and chipper. Have you ever noticed how you feel or how others feel when they haven't gotten enough rest? Most of them are cranky and irritable. They can't think clearly and they often make silly mistakes, are forgetful or have trouble making what should be easy decisions.

When I don't get enough sleep, my thoughts feel muddled, and I find that I am often prone to forgetfulness as well as irritability. Sleep is also important because it is what gives our bodies strength. There is a definite correlation between those people who don't get enough sleep and those people who find that they get sick more often than others. When our bodies are well-rested, we are able to fight off infections better. Our immune systems are also much stronger in this regard. If you have a schedule where you get up one day at 7 am, go to bed around 11 pm and then get up at 2 am, your body will not be well-rested and you'll be putting yourself at risk for getting sick. For instance, right now, my boyfriend had his Fall Break from school. As a result of him not having to work or go to school, he got into the bad habit (in just under a week, mind you) of going to bed at 4 am and then 5 am. Now, almost 2 weeks later, he is going to bed at 6am and 7am. He has been sleeping half of the day away, waking up at 2pm and desperately wants to get back onto a “normal” schedule but is finding it difficult to do so because of all of the energy he has at night.

So, what to do? This just goes to show you how extremely important it is to get the right amount of sleep. Sleep literally affects every aspect of our life. Our bodies need to get the right amount of sleep, and this is easiest done when we develop a sleeping pattern. Most people tend to sleep better by going to bed at night if nothing else but for the mere fact that most American establishments are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Therefore, if you are sleeping most of the day hours away, you tend to be on the short end of the stick. There are also those people who have difficulty sleeping or getting to sleep because of various sleeping disorders or due to other medical disorders. For those who have sleeping disorders, we
find that most of what is at the root of these disorders is mere anxiety.

So then it is important to say here that it is important to know how to manage your stress. If you don't manage your stress, you tend to rely on drugs to get to sleep, which can lead to a host of other problems. There are those who have a glass of wine in order to “relax” enough to go to sleep. There are those who are prescribed medication to get the same effect. However, it is extremely easy to abuse both of these if you are not careful.

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