Who told you that? (nutrition and fitness myths)

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There are many myths and misconceptions floating around. People unknowingly spread false information because they've heard others saying the same thing. It does get confusing because sometimes the so called experts are the ones spreading these untruths.Fat is bad.Carbs are the enemy. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Oh shut up! Here are some myths that science has cleared up.

Fats aren't good for you Says who? We all need fat. Fat is needed to absorb nutrients and maintain cell quality. It is when you eat excessive amounts that you get in trouble. Excessive eating of fatty foods can lead to heart disease and weight gain. The key is to eat less foods that contain "bad fats" (trans
fats and saturated) like cheeseburgers and butter. And start eating more "good fats" (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) like fish, nuts and olive oil.

Sugar causes diabetes Ask the average person and they'll say that sugar causes diabetes. Nope! Sorry. Thanks for playing though. We have some nice parting gifts for you... If you have the disease you need to watch your sugar and carbohydrates intake. But if you don't have diabetes, you won't get it from
eating sugar. The main risk factors for diabetes are a high caloric diet, being over weight and not being physically active. That's how you can get it.

Brown eggs are better for you than white eggs The color of the egg has nothing to do with it's nutritional quality. Some breeds of hen lay white eggs while others lay brown. Case closed!

Brown sugar is better than white sugar If your sugar is refined - my suggestion is don't eat it. "Refined" is a manufacturing process where they strip it of all it's nutrients. Brown/white doesn't matter. They're both bad for you. Replace refined sugar with raw cane or beet sugar, pure honey or molasses.

You need a low-carb diet to lose weight Ok I'll make this as simple as possible.To gain weight you must eat more calories than what is needed to maintain your weight. The excess calories will be stored as fat. So if weight is maintained with 2000 calories, if you ate 2500 calories, you will gain weight. If you want to lose weight you must eat less calories than what is needed to maintain your weight. So if weight is maintained with 2000 calories, then eating 1500 will reduce your weight.

People on those diets lose weight because it has less calories. Losing or gaining weight is about calories (food and physical activity) not carbs. Next! Red meat is bad for you Really? Ya think so? Like most things, too much is a bad thing. But I would never suggest cutting it out of your diet altogether( unless your
doctor says so).

Choose lean cuts of meat like top sirloin or eye of round. Switch it up with some fish sometimes. Cut the skin off of poultry, because that is high in fat. Other nutrition myths are:

Skipping meals can help you lose weight: nope Eating before you sleep causes weight gain: nope Preservatives are bad for you: Not all. But some can be Canned/frozen fruits and vegetables aren't as nutritious: Depends. But not always

Fitness myths

No pain No gain

Wow, is your trainer a masochist or something? That seems kinda harsh. You shouldn't be feeling serious pain when you work out. If so, slow it down and relax. In order to build muscles you need to push yourself harder than normal. But discomfort is different from mind-numbing pain. If you're working/ exercising too hard -stop immediately. Get treatment if pains persist.

Drinking water when you exercise gives you cramps. You need water when you work out. If you sweat, you need to replace what you lost. Drinking water when exercising is what you should be doing. If you don't you can experience dizziness, headaches or cramps. So drink up. Exercising requires a lot of time Just walking 30 minutes a day would greatly reduce your risk for heart disease and obesity. That is not a lot.

If you're too busy to take an active approach about your health, then don't complain when you feel the results. Your body doesn't fail you until you fail your body. There are many many more myths out there. Some people make their money off of false and misleading information. And some just believe what they've been told without questioning it. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Check the facts out for yourself.

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