Where Does High Cholesterol Come From?

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One of the most disturbing and one of the most silent killers within modern society is high cholesterol which often leads to heart attack. From French fries dripping with grease and unhealthy foods that are available upon a moment's request, it is becoming more difficult to fight high cholesterol. However, there are many more causes that may come hand in hand with elevated cholesterol levels and knowing the causes for this terrible condition. When you find out what causes high cholesterol, you will be in a better position to take action in order to reduce the effects high cholesterol levels can have on your life.

Obesity or Being Overweight - High blood pressure is like a magnet for overweight or obese people, and can really do damage if it's not properly controlled. In fact, with the high amount of foods that we consume from fast food chains and other places can cause a very large risk for high cholesterol. Saturated fat is one of the worst culprits and it can be found in fast food, pre packaged food and prepared food. Many people don't know that food which is high in carbs can also be a perfect precursor to elevated cholesterol. While we get tons of energy from carbs, when the energy is not needed right away, these things get stored and converted into fat! If possible, stay away from foods like this; especially if you have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol!

Genetics - Of course, your risk of elevated cholesterol levels is worse if you have had someone in your immediate family or even your distanced family with cholesterol issues. Many times, this means that it is nearly impossible to control the cholesterol levels with natural methods. In fact, with genetic cases of cholesterol it can be difficult even to control them with medications. There is a chance, however that with natural methods such as diet, exercise and low stress, that the cholesterol will be lowered or will not have such damaging effects on the body.

Age and Gender - With age, cholesterol levels do rise. Although there are cases in which even children have had high cholesterol which led to heart disease, the truth is that cholesterol becomes more of a problem the older we get. Men are also more likely to have elevated cholesterol because their bodies product more than women do, up until menopause. After that, women are at a greater risk of heart disease due to high cholesterol. One thing is for sure; cholesterol does not discriminate.

Being Stressed Out - Although it doesn't seem like much, stress is a really powerful thing. Large amounts of stress will cause people to behave differently as well as live differently. Through indirect reasons, stress can cause cholesterol levels to rise, and learning how to properly manage stress and of course getting time to relax will help you prevent high cholesterol due to stress.

Obesity, foods high in trans fat and saturated fat, and even stress can cause high cholesterol. Even the healthiest of people can have damaging cholesterol problems which may lead to heart attack or stroke. However, learning to care for our bodies in the most natural ways can really prevent this problem and help us have a great, healthy and carefree life! The key is to do what it takes to keep cholesterol levels in check.

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