Weight Loss Strategy For New Mothers

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For new mothers there is nothing better than looking at their little bundle of joy and just reveling in all that they represent and all that they will become, but what many new moms hate is their shape after the baby is born. So what are some effective weight loss tips for new mothers? Because your new baby will require a lot of love and attention it is hard to find time for a workout schedule, but fear not. If you implement some strategy and imagination you will be back to your pre-baby shape in no time at all.

While the days of heading off to the gym for hours at a time may be over for the time being, there are plenty of effective weight loss strategies for new mothers that are both simple and effective. Here are some of the best ways for new moms to go about losing weight:

•Walk it Off: Once your baby is old enough to be taken outside a great way to get your baby some fresh are and get yourself back into shape is by taking walks. Just load up your little one in a stroller and have at it. Once you get used to taking walks after awhile and you feel like you want more you can purchase a jogging stroller and instead of walking your baby, you can jog your baby.

•Take Advantage of Shopping: When you come home from the grocery store and your little one is sleeping you will have an opportunity to burn some extra calories in a rather quick fashion. Simply put your baby down in the crib like you normally would but instead of trying to carry in all the bags at one, only carry in two at a time. This will equate to some extra trips to and from the car and thus will help you to burn some
extra calories. While not a ton, every little bit helps when it comes to weight loss.

•Walk Instead of Rock: When calming down your baby try walking around instead of sitting down in a chair. You can still effectively calm the baby while gently rocking the child, but because you are moving around you are going to be burning calories. Once again, this will not represent much, but it will add up to extra weight loss over time.

•Take Advantage of Nap Time: There is no doubt that you will be as tired as your baby when it is nap time but if you want to get back into shape you have to take advantage of quiet times whenever you get them. If your baby typically naps for a half hour, then take ten minutes for yourself and do some jumping jacks, or sit-up, or whatever. Then take the remaining time to catch up on your sleep.

The bottom line is that you simply need to use your imagination and keep moving as much as you possibly can and the weight loss you desire will come. Just be sure that while you are getting back into shape that you are still enjoying the fact that you have a baby. Before too much longer you will be burning plenty of calories just chasing your little one around the house all day. Enjoy it while you can because they really do grow up fast and you are only a new mother for a very short time.

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