Too Many People Suffer With Digestive Issues, Latest Alarm is H Pylori

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75% of People Suffer With A Very Common Yet Dangerous H Pylori Bacteria!

Why is that statement alarming?

I questioned those figures at first but then I started paying closer attention to my health consult questions that come in weekly! I discovered that I receive a huge number of questions regarding all types of digestive and stomach problems. That leads me tobelieve the studies stating; Helicobacter Pylor bacterium (H Pylori) infects 75% of the population and is growing”. Is right on!

In the early 1980’s several studies reported that the majority of ulcers were caused by H Pylori bacteria. Since then they have found the bacterium in patients with IBS, Chronic Gastritis, Crohn’s as well as stomach and colon cancers. Even a number of people who have chronic diarrhea. This is
proof that the 75% figures could be correct!

My latest health evaluation question is a prime example:

QUESTION: Lena I have been diagnosed with H Pylori infection. What is that? The doctor just said it's an infection that must be treated that it causes ulcers if left untreated. He didn't have the time to go into detail as to what it is and the medication he gave me is making it the stomach pains much worse not better? I now have diarrhea all the time instead of occasionally and the stomach pains are killing me. I have lost my appetite and am losing weight. Is there anything else I can do naturally that isn't so bad and will work? Help Please? RT

75% is 3 out of every 4. If you take their numbers, 1which I tend to believe could be correct with all the people who call or write me weekly with either IBS, Ulcers, Chronic diarrhea, E Coli infections, Leaky Gut Syndrome and more. What I know is that H Pylori is involved in all of those. Why?

My answer to her may clue you in:

H. Pylori is short for Helicobacter Pylori bacterium. This is an bacteria that has been found in and traced to causing ulcers, IBS, Gastric inflammation
as well as colon and stomach cancers. What nobody is saying is that it is very much like candida/yeast, it exists in the digestive tract normally and very hard to kill as is candida. So when your digestive tract is weakened or dead, whether from bad diet or medication it will begin to grow uncontrollable just as candida does.

Yes, there is a very safe and painless treatment that will not cause such side effects.

Stop the prescription and you will find that you will simply go back to the way you were and your appetite should return. But you do have to suffer the consequences of going untreated if you do what I recommend!!! http://www.antibiotic-alternatives.comgastric_stomach_herbal_repair_kit.htm Click here for the full repair protocol.

Note; I bet your doctor did not tell you that you needed Probiotics in treating and killing excess H Pylori?

We are a world of digestive problems due to the Water we bathe, drink or cook with our processed fast food diet or medications that most of us consume on any given day.

The natural protocol – found in link above - has reversed all of my clients stomach/digestive complaints when followed as directed.

Be smart eat whole foods, stay away from sweets, including artificial
sweeteners and drink plenty of fresh filtered/purified water daily to keep you digestive tract healthy!

About the Author:

Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain relief from a multitudeof health issues. Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on actually treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. Writes and publishes "Lena's Health Nugget" free
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