The Women's Health Change No One Wants To Talk About

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Menopause has been the unspoken affliction among women. Until the late 1990s, the topic was almost taboo. Mothers didn't talk to their daughters about it and friends rarely included the topic in conversation. Many women suffered from the symptoms in silence while others whispered, "She's just going through the change."

This conspiracy of silence, whether intentional or unintentional, led to a lot of misinformation about menopause and possible remedies to alleviate the symptoms, which included:

* Hot flashes and night sweats

* Irritability

* Weight gain

* Gas and bloating

* Loss of focus and memory

Just like death and taxes, almost all women will go through menopause. The average age is around 50. But women can experience perimenopause, which has symptoms that are almost identical to menopause, as soon as their mid-30s. And some women will go through early menopause if their ovaries are removed.

Because medical research moves fast, by the time many women heard of a remedy that would help alleviate their symptoms, a new one
was already on the market and the old remedy was cited as flawed and possibly even dangerous for women. Hormone Replacement
Therapy, known as HRT, was cloaked in this silence for many years. Women followed their doctor's order and took the hormones
because at least something was being done.

That changed in 2002 when the Women's Health Initiative released the findings of a study done on HRT. The findings revealed that
women who took HRT increased their risks for heart disease,breast cancer, strokes and pulmonary embolism. The findings left women looking for answers.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Many women thought they had found the answer in bio-identical hormones. These hormones are animal derived or synthetic and were
advertised as not having the same adverse effects as their human counterparts. Actress Suzanne Somers wrote a book touting the
benefits of bio-identical hormones. Pharmacists advertised about their benefits. And many women tried them.

But the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) never approved bio-identical hormones. And when the Mayo Clinic and The Endocrine Society released studies saying that there was no proof that the bio-identical hormones did not carry the same risks as HRT, women again felt like the options for easing their menopausal symptoms were few.

The Good News

Women are not silent about menopause anymore. If anything shows the changing attitude towards menopause, consider the fact that a
popular musical - appropriately called "Menopause, The Musical" - is performed at theaters across the nation. As women have become more open about their struggles, they have become more open with their doctors. They are no longer accepting that menopause is just something they will have to live with.

The Internet is full of information about menopause and its remedies. Google the word "menopause" and you will receive 10.4 million results. But a lot of the information is old - sometimes years old. Again, women feel that they are left without solid information on how to conquer menopause.

A Different Approach

An e-book entitled "How to Conquer Menopause" is offering women the answers they need. The book is not written by doctors but by real women who have endured the night sweats, mood changes and loss of libido. They share their experiences with hormone treatments and natural remedies. In addition, readers will learn:

* The 35 common symptoms of menopause and how to deal with them.

* What to do to stop night sweats and hot flashes.

* The four stages of menopause.

* The truth about bio-identical hormones and hormone replacement therapy.

* How to cope with the difficult mood swings of menopause.

Women are finding real answers to the shared experience of menopause.

"Without the insights from this book I would continue, as would my family, to think I was crazy," said Lesley Carney of Texas. "I learned to not be fearful of the many symptoms I was having now that I know why I was having them. I can now face menopause without fear."

The book allows women to have an intelligent conversation with their doctors about what treatment is best for them. Alternative methods are also discussed. This comprehensive guide to menopause is available for download at the link shown below.

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Article written by: Terrance Harvey. Is menopause ruining your daily life? Are you tired of not getting a full night's sleep? Have your emotions gotten the best of you? "How to Conquer Menopause" is an eBook offering practical health advice for women. It was written by women, and in terms that every woman can understand. To learn more about this valuable book or to get your own copy, please visit:

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