The Truth Behind Heartburn Myths

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Heartburn is a medical condition manifested in an uncomfortable sensation in the chest. This happens when acid goes back up into a person's esophagus. Heartburn is often related to gastroesophageal reflux disease. There are a number of medical
studies to pinpoint the causes and possible treatments for heartburn, but there is still no single solution for this ailment. As such, there have been a number of myths and fallacies behind this condition.

Most people believed that particular food or drinks could cause heartburn. This is not the case. Heartburn is caused by biological dysfunction. Of course having a good diet is always a good thing, but do not expect that heartburn will be gone in
a snap if you change your lifestyle or the food you eat.

Excess acid is the main cause of heartburn. This statement is somehow incorrect. Studies show that individuals with heartburn have normal counts of acid in their stomach. Heartburn actually happens if acid has gone in the wrong direction as, it goes to the esophagus instead of into the stomach.

It is common knowledge that heartburn causes harm in one's esophagus. Actually, heartburn caused by acid reflux could also increase the risk of asthma and chronic cough. It could also cause sore throat and discomfort in your throat and vocal

Heartburn is not caused by stress. A lot of people blame stress for every ailment. Although there may some amount of truth to this, it is rare that stress is the main cause of heartburn. But it is advised not to go through a lot of physical stress that can cause ulcers that may in turn lead to heartburn.

Most people sit up during sleep to prevent heartburn attacks at night. There is no need as medical experts suggest that sleeping on one's left side is the recommended position during sleeping time. This will allow acid to clear out faster in your
esophagus. You can also sleep on a slightly high pillow as it allows the acid to stay in your stomach rather than being reverted back to the esophagus, which would consequently cause heartburn.

There is a solution to heartburn. When you drop by your doctor for advice, he would prescribe medication. There is also over
the counter drugs that you can purchase to relieve the symptoms of heartburn. Medication coupled with proper diet and clean lifestyle would surely help you in dealing with heartburn.

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