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The body is a brilliant creation that is inherently strong and designed to heal itself without synthetic intervention. Long before Western medicine was developed, many people understood that by strengthening the immune system and bringing balance to the body, the human body could be expected to heal itself. Allopathic medicine is not completely estranged from this concept. Naturopathic doctors, though not officially recognized in all areas of the U.S., practice a branch of medicine that follows the premise that the body possesses an innate wisdom and healing capability.

While our American society does offer some natural health care choices such as naturopathic and chiropractic, the majority of our population still seems to rely heavily on the pills and prescriptions that our mainstream medicine is known for. With regard to allergies, however, there is a growing movement of
naturally oriented physicians that are doing some outstanding work in allergy elimination. Early research shows that about 80% of patients who have tried energy-based allergy treatment have experienced lasting results. These results are quite impressive when you consider that they include food allergies, a type of allergy elimination that has evaded traditional doctors for decades.

One natural allergy treatment that has grown in popularity is NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Nambudripad has trained hundreds of chiropractors and other health professionals to administer this energy-based treatment in their offices. Energy-based allergy practitioners follow an age-old Chinese medicine paradigm in which vital energy is thought to flow in the human body through special channels called meridians. When the energy is flowing freely, health and wellness exists. However, when the vital energy is not flowing properly, that is an indicator of illness or allergies.

NAET and other energy-based allergy approaches utilize muscle testing to identify allergies and sensitivities. Otherwise known as applied kinesiology, this can be a very quick, effective, and painless method of discovering what you're allergic to. An NAET doctor can have patients lie down on a table while they hold an allergen vial; the vial contains the same energy signature as the
real allergen it represents, so it is convenient for the doctors to work with these vials. Patients may extend one arm upward and the doctor will ask them to resist while he presses down on their wrist. This tests the strength of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder; if an allergy or sensitivity exists, the patient won't be able to resist the doctor's pressure and his or her arm will fall downward toward the table.

With energy-based allergy treatments like NAET, after a patient's allergies are identified, they are treated. A patient will hold an allergen vial while the doctor or practitioner applies spinal manipulation, or the doctor might stimulate a
sequence of acupressure points along the patient's body. After a brief waiting period in which the patient holds the allergen vial, the doctor will muscle test that patient again to ascertain whether the treatment was a success. Frequently, the treatment will have been a success on the first attempt. Moreover, patients' allergies are often eliminated permanently! Keep in mind that energy-based treatments can work for children and infants as well, as doctors can use a surrogate treatment method that utilizes a parent during testing and treatment.

Recently, there has been an interesting development in the field of energy-based allergy treatment. Some physicians are starting to offer a do-it-yourself system in which patients can eliminate their allergies at home, the advantage being a lower cost to patients as well as the convenience of fewer trips to the doctor's office. An excellent example is the method offered by Dr. Sandi Radomski. In her book, Meridian Laser Technique, patients are taught how to treat their own allergies using a small, inexpensive cold laser that functions at a special frequency. In order to treat their allergies, patients simply tap on some acupressure points and stimulate others with the laser. Wow, how about that; would you like to be your own allergy doctor?

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