The Majority Who Try Alternative Health Treatments Get It Wrong!

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Alternative Medicine have some characteristics that look a bit like Conventional!

Sadly people will get an herbal product and expect immediate reaction similar to conventional drugs. When that doesn't happen then they quite too soon!

A BIG misconception on their part.

When prescription medicines shut down a part of the body or stimulates a part of the body and immediate symptom relief results are felt. Not so with herbal natural alternatives!

When Chemotherapy or Radiation is initially utilized 99.9% become very ill and sometimes at the very door to death. Sadly, this is accepted as good and necessary in the traditional conventional world of medicine! Yet totally not accepted by those using alternatives medicines!

Never mind that about 40 to 60 percent of those who have chemotherapy die from the treatment before the cancer can kill them.

Fact, Herbs are God's healing gift to us! A century ago the^body's chemical balance existed because our earth and foods contained them. Sadly that is no longer the case.

Fact, Herbs will work with your body to correct imbalances and health problems but it will take time. Healing isn't immediate as the body takes time to balance out and correct imbalances for the organs to begin working as they should. You may sometimes feel worse when that begins to happen as the organs have been so out of balance for so long or you’ve taken drugs that have shut down areas of the body that has to be revived in order to work and that can sometimes be painful. It requires time, sometimes months to get the organs properly functioning again!

Fact; known but ignored by the oncology world; Chemotherapy treatment is found to be effective in only 20% to 40% of people treated. Facts known to oncologists and the drug company's who manufacture the drugs and either ignore or accept failure or death as collateral damage.

Yet, when a natural alternative health treatment is begun some people seem to get worse or do not feel better immediately and most of you will stop immediately thinking that's bad?

Congratulations, you just accepted what the conventional medical world has brain washed you into believing about alternatives! Why is it okay for cut/burn/poison treatments to put you at or through deaths door and be okay? Because you've been educated to believe its okay because conventional medicine has nothing else to offer you so they say it has to happen!

Fact: Over centuries of using herbal and nutritional treatments a known fact exists in the alternative practitioners world, 80% of people who consume herbs in the correct balance and consistently will have positive outcomes!

Yet in the traditional medical world medications only have to be effective in 20% of the trials to be released for use and prescribed by the medical profession. What's wrong with that picture? Read How Did That Drug Qualify For Market?

Those who persevere with a healthy diet, herbal and mineral balanced protocols find themselves healthier and stay that way giving them quality of life, it just takes longer to feel and/or see the results. The same cannot be said with chemical or surgical treatments.
Every manmade drug has life altering side-effects!

Fact: Today’s myriad of illnesses and diseases are only rampant due to a lack of proper nutrients in our foods and/or the consuming of sugary drinks, prepackaged processed and fast foods. Making it imperative that we ALL supplement daily with balanced nutrients. Yet
when some begin that supplementation they feel worse or feel nothing for a while and stop it before achieving better health.

So when you start the path to a healthy body with natural healers know that feeling worse may be good! That is your body saying “needed”.

If an illness or disease exists it will take more than just one or two supplements to correct or repair the problem. I suggest that you give it no less than six weeks and as much as three months before the body begins working at its maximum for alternative healing. Do not shop around using different practitioners herbs or try to mix drugs with herbs. Won’t work!

For prevention of illness and disease you must supplement to give your body what is no longer in foods.
1. A complete balanced liquid mineral complex
2. Stay away from processed prepackaged foods, sugary sodas and excessive alcohol.
3. Strengthen and rebuild your Immune system, which requires building up your digestive tract!

FACT: when taking herbs you will need to consume them with no less than 6 ounces of clean clear water - preferable 8 ounces - to release their nutrients and gain faster success!

Wishing you great health and healing naturally!

About the Author:

Author Lena Sanchez a Retired Medical Office Nurse/Administrator, Medical Office Consultant turned Alternative Health Consultant took charge of her life in 1992 substituted healthy drug-free alternatives getting actual pain relief after 30 years with fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and never ending illnesses all kinds never solved with conventional medicine . Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on truly treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. See
Other informative health articles regarding prevention and steps to take to be the healthiest you can be found at

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