The Alarming Effects of Alcohol

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Alcohol addiction is often referred to as an obsessive need for a compulsive liquid that is produced from fermented fruits. These liquids are often classified as wine, beer and any other hard liquor. Alcoholism may be present or is already developing within a person’s system when a person starts to crave for alcohol and cannot limit his drinking habit. If you are experiencing shakiness, anxiety or sweating when alcohol drinking has stopped, or when drinking consumption gets high, you are likely to be an alcohol addict that needs alcohol addiction treatment. Some think that it is just a matter of being willing to stop from drinking alcohol, but addiction to alcohol is more difficult and complex than that. Craving and desire for alcohol and unable to cease from drinking is a disease and the person needs help to stop drinking.

Experts says that people who has alcohol addiction in their family is more likely to be an alcoholic if they start to drink. However, the truth is Alcohol addiction may worsen depending on a person’s traumatic experience and environment. These main factors and reason may include family, friends, culture, peer, stress, pressure and the way the person chooses to live his life. Alcoholism may also lead people to serious trouble and can destroy their physical and mental health. Presently, people diagnosed to have alcohol abuse are usually involved in all crimes like accidental death, murder, suicide and rapes. This may also lead to health problems and complications associated
with alcohol and this may cause cancer, brain damage, heart disease and liver disease. A person who can’t stop drinking reduces their life span by ten to fifteen years. So if you plan to have a clean living and avoid physical damage, you opt to undergo an alcohol addiction treatment. Here are some causes that alcohol may bring:

Brain cells may be destroyed when a person drinks too much alcohol and this may lead to brain damage. Alcohol causes the central nervous system to malfunction, holding back the ability to consolidate and retrieve and process information. Moderate drinking of alcohol can affect the important cognitive abilities of the body and interfere with the supply of oxygen to the brain causing a blackout. Alcohol addiction may also cause the mouth, stomach and esophagus to swell and this may lead to cancer, especially to all drinkers that also smoke. Overdo drinking may
cause uneven heartbeats, heart attacks, high-blood pressure and heart damage. Alcohol also harms the sexual function and vision and may also be the grounds for water retention and malnutrition. Without alcohol addiction treatment, alcoholism can lead to weakening of the bones, pancreatic disorders and decreasing immunity system.

Large portion of alcohol drank by a person suffering from alcohol addiction may break down in the liver and it is
important to remember that liver can break down alcohol in a fixed rate, so if this is overused, this may lead to
malfunction. There are three stages of liver damage liver enlargement, swelling of liver or alcohol hepatitis and
cirrhosis, where fibrous scar tissues are formed and may lead to death. So, better stop drinking and ask help from the experts of alcohol addiction treatment. You still have hope and may start a new life free from the harmful effects of alcohol.

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J Gold can help you understand alcohol addiction and alcoholism. A person who can't stop drinking reduces their life span by ten to fifteen years.

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