The 6 Habits Of Successful Weight Training

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From working with clients over the last ten years, we have been privileged to help many people learn how to strength train correctly and see the benefits. Over this time period we have carefully studied all our clients and tried to identify the common factors that set apart the most successful trainee's from the ones that flirt with real results.

The following 6 Habits are what in our opinion set aside people who get great results from mediocre results. Implement these to experience success in your training regime.

1. Keep a training journal

This is the number one factor in achieving success with your weight training program. How do you know how far you have come if you don't know where you have started? A training journal allows you to record exactly what you do in the gym and helps you analyse what approach has given you the best results. If you do not record what you are doing in the gym, you have no right to worry about what supplements to take, or advanced methods to use. Get a training journal!

2. Follow their plan exactly as set

A plan is of no use unless it is followed exactly as prescribed. If it is not followed, there is no way of truly knowing how much you are progressing and how successful the particular approach you are using is for you. You need to follow the following variables to do your program correctly:

- Sets

- Reps

- Tempo

- Rest

- Exercise choice and load

Sometimes in a crowded gym following the exercise choice and load may be challenging but sticking to the other variables is a key to success.

3. Place as much emphasis on nutrition as training

People who train correctly know that going to the gym is only half the battle. They put an equal and if not higher emphasis on the foods they eat on a day-to-day basis. They make sure that what they consume is supporting their efforts in the gym, not detracting from it.

4. Continually aim for performance increases

The successful trainee aims for quantifiable increases in the gym as an indicator of success. Soreness and a pump are not true indicators of a good session, they just show you have damaged your muscles. A good trainee will always aim for more reps, weight on the bar, shortened rest or a new PR each and every training session.

5. Rest when they need it

Strength and muscle is not gained in the gym. Rest is the key to this. A smart trainee knows when they are pushing it and prioritises rest as much as training. This does not mean taking time off training, but having a lifestyle that is healthy and relaxing.

6. Work with a mentor or professional

Working with someone who can view you objectively is one of the keys to success in any field. A mentor can help you see where you are slacking and what you may need more work in. They can easily identify your weaknesses, which is something not many people do.

Bonus Tip: They are fully engaged in the process

One more thing we have noticed about successful clients is they are engaged in the process. Here are some things that they do NOT do that tell us they will be successful in their goals.

- They do not have their phone with them

- They do not tweet or use Facebook at training

- They do not watch the clock

- They record their own weights

- They show up on time and do not leave early

- They learn the names of exercises and how to do them, so they do not need supervision.

- They help others who may be struggling

- They keep talk to a minimum

These clients who do the all of the habits listed above will be successful each and every time. Implement these habits and get the real benefits that can be experienced from good training.

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Paul Meldrum has been training clients for over 10 years. He specialises in fat loss, muscle gain and rehabilitation. He was the winner of the 05/06 Personal Trainer of the year award. To receive his 3 part video series on the 8 Things you need to know to lose fat

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