Ten Tips To Help Make Any Diet Work Better

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If you have decided to go on a diet you are probably going to get confused by the large number of products and diet plans available in market. It does not matter which diet or diet plan you choose, remember your ultimate aim should be a healthy weight loss.

Here are some useful tips that may be helpful to you in choosing your diet plan:

1.You already know that your weight is affecting your appearance. But don't forget your quality of living,self-esteem and health are also affected by your weight. Weight loss will bring you many positive changes in your life. Don't just focus on your physical appearance,look inward and feel the other changes that are going on inside of you. Are you finding that it's easier to breathe, feeling less stress on your knees walking up and down stairs, and you don't have that bloated feeling?

2.Visit your doctor for a complete physical checkup before starting your diet. This is a common mistake about 98 % dieters fall in to. You may have a physical ailmentthat would either stop or hinder your weight loss on a particular diet or worse yet, it could cause you to increase your chances of a major health issue. If you know what type of diet you want to go on, your physician can let you know if the diet is safe for you.

3.If you want to lose weight and if you are committed to your weight loss plan then you must increase your level of activity. Before starting your diet look into different physical activities and find one that appeals to you. You don't have to turn into a marathon jogger, but just by increasing your physical activity a small amount, you will boost your metabolism, burn more calories, shape up faster and be less flabby when the fat starts to burn off. When you visit your physician, ask for information on exercise. Oh yes, ladies, remember to purchase a good sports bra. You will find that it is one of the best investments that you can make for yourself.

4.Set reasonable goals for yourself. Don't try fall into the tap of looking for rapid weight loss. Loosing 10 or 15 pounds in a week is not reasonable and can cause harm to your health. Expect to lose slowly! Then if you lose a little more then planned, it will give you a psychological boost. Only 2-3 pounds per week should be your weekly weight loss goal. The slower you lose your weight the easier it is on your skin to shrink along with you. Otherwise you will have unattractive lose and flabby skin. Slow equals a better looking body.

5.Choose a diet where you can still eat your favorite foods. Face the fact that if you can not go a week without having any type of bread or pasta, a low carb diet is not for you. Choose a diet that will allow you to fit bread or pasta into your menu. Remember, that more than likely, you will have to cut down your portion size, but still being allowed to eat the foods we love does making dieting easier.

6.Keep a food diary. Yes, I know that many dieters hate to write down everything they eat, but I am not saying to write down the foods, write down your emotions. Notate when you are most tempted, when you find it's easy for you to stick to your diet, when you feel like giving up and how you feel along the way. By realizing how you feel during dieting will help you avoid situations that may compromise your diet. You will also see the true reason why you want to diet. Once you know the why, then it will be easier not to cheat.

7.Think of your ethnic background, your home and work environment, genetics and other physical limitations before deciding on dieting program. These are factors that cannot be changed, but you must acknowledge them and work your diet and physical activities around them. For example: don't sign up for a high impact aerobics class if you have a bad heart or back pain.

8.Don't try any type of starvation diet where you restrict your calories to such a low level that you practically starve yourself. Not only is this not healthy, but you are setting yourself up for failure. You will also fail if you have to limit yourself to the variety of foods you can eat. Most fad diets fall into this category, and that is why they are called fad diets, they don't work long term. Each time you yo-yo up and down it puts stress on your body and also makes your next diet harder to stick to by lowering your metabolism.

9.You should keep in mind that weight loss is not an easy goal and you will have to work hard to achieve your goal. But difficult doesn't mean that it's impossible. Just work it day by day. If you find that yesterday you "cheated" on your diet, don't throw the whole diet out the window. Just realize that yesterday was yesterday and today you will begin. Everyone cheats from time to time. Do not beat yourself up for this. Realize that you are going to cheat every once in a while. Accept it and fit it into your dieting routine. If you know that you have a wedding to go to and you know that you can't resist a piece of wedding cake, work the calories into your weekly menu. Just because you may splurge on Saturday doesn't mean that you have to make up for these extra calories on Sunday. Spread the numbers out over several days. It will make you feel less guilty and make your diet a whole lot easier to work with.

10.Proper intake of water and fiber is necessary for every diet. Water fills you up, helps to eliminate toxins from your body and helps by naturally boosting metabolism. If you do not drink enough water your body gets sluggish and fat stays in their cells. Drink 8 glasses of water a day just to maintain proper hydration but drink an additional 2 glasses to help eliminate the fat and burn more calories. These 2 extra glasses are one of your best weapons against diet failure. After water, fiber is a dieter's best friend. Fiber fills you up, keeps you feeling full longer and more satisfied. Fiber comes in many forms and varieties. Favorites include: bananas, salad greens, apples, whole wheat breads and pasta and vegetables. You will find that by adding fiber to your diet, you will feel less hungry, so there will be less of a risk of going back to your old eating habits.

Face facts, the odds are against you when starting a diet. However, applying the ten dieting tips above, you can be fully armed when planning and entering into a new diet phase.

They will help you become a dieting success story!

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