Summer & Your Immune System!

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The children of today are victims of bad diets and dead immune systems! Both parents working or a single parent home where eating on the run has become the way of life. High fat diets, sodas, chips, candy and pizza, the chosen diet for kids and they are just children and will choose the worst of the worst when left to decide for themselves. No parents, I am not condemning you just stating a fact. Too tired to cook or work late and kids are left to eat by themselves or run by the burger joint and pick up McD's choice children's' meal. I understand where it comes from. Is it any wonder that the average child has 12 colds a year?Your first choice should be to build your child's immune system up as easily as possible, but with the hectic pace of modern life it's not easy! McD's, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. is only interested in your dollars, not your child's health! Summer junk food and longer days of activity is the immune system killers and setting your child up for winter ills!

Let me explain just what and how the immune system works! The immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms. Toxins in food, environment, poor diet and stress can all contribute to a decline in the immune system activity. A real problem for your health! If your immune function is weakened your body is subject to fatigue and illness and cannot ward off infections then illness happens whether it be everyday illnesses such as colds and allergies or serious ones, produced by prolonged immune system distress?

The thymus gland, the spleen and other internal organs produce the Immune system cells. Immune system cells are then carried through the body via the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, which store these cells and help to create an effective barrier against infection. Immune cells are damaged by unstable oxygen molecules dangerously high numbers by poor nutrition, x-rays, alcohol, tobacco smoke exposure and other environmental pollutants.

Minerals and vitamins help strengthen the immune system by neutralizing these cell-damaging particles. Exercise too, helps maintain good health by promoting blood circulation and ensuring a plentiful supply of oxygen throughout the body. So don't fail to take the very best daily vitamin/mineral supplement you can get!

Your part in protecting you and your child's immune system encompass many aspects since many factors play a role in your health.

Number one - is to be sure of getting a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which provide the building blocks for healthy cells.

Vitamins C and E - known as antioxidants - stimulate immunity and protect against cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin A also helps strengthen immune cells. A complete vitamin supplement daily will help to assure your needed nutrients but should not habitually take the place of food intake.

Deep breathing and fresh air and sunshine replenishes vital oxygen. Regular open air exercise to boost the oxygen intake and help build cardiovascular and immune system health.

Children should spend some time out doors to absorb the sunshine, which facilitates digestion and Vitamin D to strengthen bones and promote a healthy immune system!

Engaging in moderate exercise for forty-five minutes to an hour a day will help ensure plentiful intake of fresh air is a start. It has been shown that as little as 15 minutes of exercise is beneficial in warding off illness but one hour would be ideal for maximum protection. Even if it's only five or ten minutes at a time it has been shown to be beneficial even in small increments.

Exercise promotes oxygen exchange between blood and air and speeds your metabolism, leading to efficient use of energy from nutrients. Children will naturally get this exercise given the freedom to do so. Watch the schedules of your child. Over booked with too many activities can create the wrong affect and add to the dangers of stress related problems as well.

Strengthen the thymus gland, which is located in the upper part of the chest behind the breast bone. Boosting the Immune System can be done inexpensively and effectively by;

-- Hot and cold showers, helps strengthen the thymus & Immune system: Begin your morning with a warm shower, after a few minutes, step aside and change the water temperature to cool or cold. Place your right leg back into the shower first and then work your way up the body.

-- Stress reduction; scientific studies have shown that stress weakens your immunity. Try relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation to help cope better with stress or brew up a cup of valerian tea to help relieve anxiety and reinstate calm. Laughter is a great stress reliever, so keep some good videos around that make you laugh or read jokes or whatever it takes to make you laugh. Laughing for 15 minutes a day has proven to produce endorphins for the calming effect and produce healing while stimulating the immune system.

-- Herbal and natural immune stimulants; a variety of herbs are available that will help to keep the immune system in tune. A partial list is; sea-buckthorn berries, Echinacea, mistletoe extract, Astragalus, Ganoderma, Shiitake, Eleuthero, Minor Bupleurum, chaparral, Pau d'Arco, tang-kuei, hoelen and Royal jelly bee pollen. Foods that are excellent; garlic, horseradish, onions, scallions, fruits (especially citrus) and green vegetables.

Evidence shows that certain herbs, along with correct eating habits strengthen the immune system. It is not necessary to take all of the beneficial herbs but an assortment is advised along with a quality vitamin and a total 84 liquid mineral complex daily.

The long and short of it is; to stay healthy you must take charge of you and your child's health by maintaining a healthy immune system year round!

Looking for a proven mixture of herbs ask!

Enjoy your summer sensibly!


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