Spring Cleaning Is As Important To Your Body As It Is To Your House!

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Tis’ the Season and not a particular holiday!

As most women know if you let a house go without periodic cleanings you will find that furniture and walls lose their luster and brightness over the winter season from being closed in for so long and will deteriorate faster and need to be replaced. “Use it or lose it” isn’t just a saying, it’s a fact and that stands for things in your home or in your body. Trouble is the body can’t be replaced like our possessions!! We only have one body and it needs periodic cleaning!

We had elderly neighbors who lived by us for about 20 years and covered all their furniture with cloth and plastic to keep them clean. She thought she wouldn't have to do spring-cleaning other than remove the covers and shake off the dust. She figured that was the way to have less work at her age and it was but the consequences were not so pretty!

They had one lounge chair each that they used in the living room and nothing else was used since all their friends had died years before and had no visitors. When he died, his wife became bedfast and we took her in to take care of until she died. Then my husband and I were left the job of disposing of their estate. We sat down on the couch to contemplate where to start and the couch ripped apart under us… Everything we moved started to fall apart as we touched it. All except for the two chairs the bed, stove and dining table they had used and cleaned regularly. Mind you all those things that fell apart looked great and you have thought they were in top condition! What the eye sees isn’t always the truth.

Over the years I’ve seen the same thing happening with people who sit and vegetate in front of the TV or who fail to bathe daily.

“Use it or lose it!” Clean your body periodically or it will rot and you will become ill!

Yes, there is the necessity for an Internal Spring Cleaning of our body. Why? Just as a home, shut up for the cold winter with built up stale air and stagnant dust and mites. Your body needs a total spring cleaning to shine, feel and look bright for the warm weather ahead.

Winter is the time we usually sit in front of the fire keeping warm and indulging in fatty comfort foods and baking up those sweet goodies that helps heat the house when the oven is on... It seems as though our body craves certain fatty, sweet heavy types of comfort food in the cold months.

Winter holidays didn't help either! Those comfort foods also act as a mechanism for insulating us from the cold… Very few of us have access to hot houses with fresh fruits and vegetables where we can run right out and pick fresh daily during the cold weather. Nor can we all live in Southern California, Southern Arizona or Florida where we have access to them daily and therefore the body starts to become clogged and toxic. Results are that our internal body builds up stagnate poisons and toxins and needs to be removed before causing serious illnesses.

Cleaning those stale cobwebs of winter, allowing your organs to function properly.

In some primitive cultures it is a ritual that springs mean each person goes through internal and external cleaning that announces the beginning of a better life and assures a healthier one as well…

With our modern world this has been forgotten in most all cultures… Just as a spring housecleaning gives our
house a lift while preserving it, so it does our body. Since our bodies are considered the temples of our souls
it stands to reason that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind as well!

Tools useful for Internal Spring Cleaning are:

EXERCISE: Two modes to succeed is a 10 minute very brisk walk after each meal or start with a 15 minute brisk walk and work up to 30 to 45 minutes once a day. Don't forget to stretch your leg muscles before starting the walk! This helps your body’s metabolism utilize whatever you put into it!

If you are unable to walk there are chair exercises that can be done to get the body moving. For those of you
that are confined to bed in order to get the blood moving by doing brisk rubbing the skin of each individual part of your body first thing on awaking, or have someone give you a deep tissue massage. Who knows, after a few days of this tissue message/cleansing you may be able to get up and take that walk! It has happened with many…

Not all of the following herbs are necessary but by combining several you will find a faster and more thorough cleansing effect, which will leave you feeling invigorated simply because your organs can function better.

ALFALFA: Cleanses and builds the blood

BLACK WALNUT: An effective treatment for intestinal worms and parasites. It helps to remove the fatty materials and toxic buildup in the body out of the body.

CASCARA SAGRADA: Increases the secretions of the stomach, liver and pancreas which expel poisonous secretions. In the Spanish language it is called sacred bark due to its potent cleansing and laxative qualities.

DANDELION ROOT: Most of us have lawns that has an abundant supply of dandelions and it is an excellent liver detoxifier! Simple pick a few and add to your salad.

FENUGREEK: Encourages the removal of toxic waste from the lymphatic system and lungs.

GOLDENSEAL: A detoxifier of the blood, liver, kidneys and skin. Also very effective in treating amoebic dysentery (giardia) when used over a ten-day period. Should not be used longer than ten days at a time.

HAWTHORN BERRY: Great for strengthening the heart and a fantastic digestive aid which helps to utilize the nutrients ingested.

LICORICE ROOT: Known as the great detoxifier; it strengthens digestion and detoxes poisons built up in the gastrointestinal system.

MILK THISTLE: One of the most potent liver protecting herbs. Over 100 studies have shown that this herb not only protects the liver but generate new liver cells. Milk Thistle is a strong cleanser and inhibits free radicals. Works by drinking the tea or in a chopped milk thistle capsule…

MULLEIN: Known for its expectorant and soothing properties to the lungs and other internal organs.

PARSLEY: Not only attractive when decorating your food but a great diuretic and also aids in the digestion system.

RED CLOVER: Known for its blood purifiers and also clears the skin and used to treat inflamed lungs.

YELLOW DOCK: Touted for its purifying properties that cleanse the skin, liver and blood. Used as a tonic and laxative but also builds the blood and helps treat anemia.

Dr Garland’s Cellular Cleansing formula includes the above herbs in the proper portions and includes minerals
and nutrients to rebuild the body while cleansing. In my personal Internal Spring Cleaning – which I am doing
this week - I have found "Cellular
Cleanse" does the best for me. Along with Life Transfusion Ionic Liquid Minerals, which I take all year round. Spring I take 3 Cellular Cleansing capsules three times a day for 10 to 14 days and feel refreshed and relaxed when completed.

Enhance the body's spring cleaning.

To enhance the Internal Spring Cleaning eat three or four meals during or following the cleansing with mostly dark green vegetables. My favorites are, swiss chard, kale, spinach and mustard greens steamed with a touch of lemon juice, sea salt and lemon pepper.

Now get your body in-tune to enjoy the warm weather and give it the oomph to enjoy the summer outings!

About the Author:

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