Signs of Alcoholism in Women

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Alcohol abuse has now become a common problem among men and women. Particularly, women have to face a lot of negative consequences due to alcoholism. Many women are dying at the age of 35 to 55 mainly due to the problems caused by alcohol addiction.

Signs of alcoholism in women should be treated during the initial stages to prevent addiction in the future. If you leave alcoholism untreated, then you end up with fatal diseases. Once you can identify the signs and take necessary steps you can be free of fatal illnesses. Understanding your alcohol dependency and trying to come out of addiction is the only way to treat this abuse. The first step for treatment is acceptance of alcoholism, and you can find that you have dependency on alcohol with a few signs.

For women, about one drink per day or no more than 12 drinks per week are considered harmless, as there are no health risks with this drinking pattern. The most common visible sign of alcoholism is excessive drinking. As you drink more and more, your body will become resistant, and so you have to drink more to have the feeling of being drunk. You will not be able to stop drinking even if you wish. Women always want to defend their drinking by citing a reason, which made them to drink. This is an alarming sign of alcoholism that has to be addressed.

Women start drinking on account of emotional problems. When they lose their loved one, or if they are not happy with their family, they will start drinking. Drinkers prefer isolation and women drink secretly, so that no one knows that she drinks. Important signs of alcoholism include this isolation, and they separate themselves from family and friends both socially and emotionally. When you find yourself that you don't like anybody sitting by your side while you drink, then beware that you are becoming dependent on alcohol.

Many women often have blackouts as a significant sign of alcoholism. They won't remember what they have spoken, or what they did when they are drunk. This sign confirms that you have abused alcohol. If this happens very rarely, then you don't have to worry much about that. However, when you have blackouts every time you drink, then it means you are getting addicted to alcohol. Also, alcoholism will make you tremble in any social gathering without a drink. If you are having alcoholism, you may even ruin the party or occasion by your abnormal behavior that you are unable to control.

Depression is often a sign of alcoholism that is common in both men and women. As a result, you suffer from insomnia. Women in
particular feel highly depressed for some unknown reason and start drinking, stating depression as a reason, this will further worsen the situation, and you will not stop drinking until you become numb. After drinking so much, you will lose your consciousness and start sleeping for long hours. Aggression is another alcoholism symptom, when somebody talks about the drinking habit. When you notice that your friend is yelling at you angrily, whenever you talk about her drinking habit, then take her for counseling as she is developing signs of alcoholism, mood swings will be very common with such people.

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