Quick Facts about Green Tea

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Recent studies show that a synergistic blend of Green Tea Extract (GTE) reduces breast tumor volume ~10 fold and overall tumor inhibition by 80-90%.(1,2,3) Other studies are showing that GTE can prevent, and possibly treat, numerous diseases including, arthritis, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

GTE acts as an antioxidant, lowers serum glucose, maintains kidney health and blocks angiogenesis.(4 It reduces platelet aggregation (preventing clots) and lowers high blood pressure.

GTE also has a thermogenic (heat producing) fat burning effect. This is achieved by elongating the half-life of noradrenaline by inhibiting the enzyme catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT). COMT is responsible for the breakdown of extracellular noradrenaline. Recent studies show that after 3 months of use body weight was decreased by

4.6%.(5,6) While this is not a significant decrease for obese individuals it is a viable option for those looking to mantain their weight.

GTE is non-toxic both in acute dosage and high long-term dosage. It has no potential for causing mutations or birth defects, and has no adverse effect on fertility, pregnancy or nursing.

It is no wonder that Green Tea is the second most widely consumed liquid next to water. Clearly, GTE is among the most potent nutraceutical on the planet and plays an integral role in increasing longevity.

Shouldn't these facts alone warrant MASSIVE MEDIA coverage? If a synthetic drug had half this potential it would be considered the latest "wonder drug" and your doc would be throwing samples in the street, as they do with Vioxx and Lipitor.


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