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Most of us get the occasional headache and it's no big deal. A bit uncomfortable, but a couple of aspirin will fix you up. Migraine headaches are another story. If you've ever had one, you know you never want to have another. The trouble is, some people are afflicted with frequent migraines, and nothing seems to help. Well, here's some good news for those of you who suffer from migraines. There are a number of herbs, singly and in combinations that provide you with effective and, in some cases, preventative migraine headache remedies. Take a look at some of the best.

One of the most reliable and well researched migraine headache remedies is feverfew, a herb with a proven clinical track record and widely used in Europe as a preventative for migraine attacks. The active constituent is effective against chemicals in the brain which dilate blood vessels and which cause migraines. Feverfew, like many herbs, are slow to act, and must be used for a couple of months before the effects are felt. Please note that feverfew is a preventative, but won't help relieve pain once an attack is already underway.

Many independent clinical studies have concluded that daily use of feverfew as a migraine headache remedy does indeed prevent migraine attacks. Included in the double-blind studies were patients who had used feverfew as a preventative for years. Those who were given a placebo in place of their regular dose of
feverfew experienced a resurgence of migraine attacks, suffering frequent and severe migraines. Those provided with the regular dose of feverfew remained migraine free for the six month period of testing.

Feverfew is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Another of the natural migraine headache remedies is ginger tea, particularly suited to ongoing migraines situated in the front of the head. Taken at the onset of an attack, ginger tea will provide relief in as little as 30 minutes. Continued use of ginger tea, consumed six times each day results in fewer and less severe attacks. Ginger tea is also fragrant and tasty!

Other effective migraine headache remedies you may want to try include the following:

Kava Kava, native to the South Pacific, has been used for centuries for its relaxing properties, useful in cases of stress related migraines.

Valerian root is another of the migraine headache remedies useful in stress induced headaches. Valerian may act as a preventative if your migraines are stress related. Valerian root is a powerful relaxant, so use discretion when driving or operating machinery.

If your migraines are characterized by insomnia or irregular menstrual cycles, Jamaican dogwood may be one of your migraine headache remedies of choice.

Chamomile tea is a good preventative among the better migraine headache remedies.

Lavender oil, rubbed across the forehead and temples, eases pain and spasms.

If you suffer from migraines, try some of these natural headache remedies. A knowledgeable herbalist may have other headache remedies not discussed here which will bring you the relief you need.

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